Monday, 29th May 2023

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Yunseong Jung and Youngseok Jung won the ITF Jakarta Open doubles championship

 Jung Yoon-seong (Uijeongbu City Hall, doubles ranking 149th토스카지노) – Jung Young-seok (Uijeongbu City Hall, doubles ranking 776th) won the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Jakarta Open (total prize money 25,000 dollars) in doubles.

In the doubles final held at the Sultan Hotel tennis court in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 15th (Korean time), the pair of Jung Yoon-seong and Jung Young-seok defeated Makoto Ochi and Yuta Shimizu (above Japan) with a set score of 2-1 (4-6 7-6<1> 10-8). ) won.

Jung Yoon-seong and Jung Young-seok lost the flow to their opponent Makoto Ochi’s passing shot and gave up the first set 4-6. In the second set, the 4th sub game was broken similarly in a tight flow, and the loss was dark, but immediately caught the opponent’s sub game and dragged it to the tie-break. In the tiebreak, they scored consecutively and went on to the final set with a 7-1 win. In the 3rd set, which was held with a tie-break where 10 points were scored first, they took the opponent’s serve point from 6-5 and defeated it 10-8 and won the championship.

With this win, Jeong Yun-seong, who is currently ranked No. 1 in the domestic doubles ranking, is expected to rise to the early 140th place, while Jung Young-seok is expected to rise to the 610th place.

After the victory, Jung Yun-seong said, “I was unfortunately runner-up in the doubles last week, but I feel good that I made up for it. She has been doing well in doubles these days, but I will continue to do my best regardless of whether it is singles or doubles,” she said.

Jung Young-seok also said, “I train a lot with Yoon Seong-hyung, but I am happy to win the first international competition together, and I am grateful to the Uijeongbu City Hall team who always support me, including this tour.”

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