Thursday, 28th September 2023

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World’s 1506th ‘Real Estate Agent’ who finished 7th in the PGA Regular Tournament

In the golf industry, the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Corales Puntacana Championship is considered a so-called ‘B-level tournament’. This is because the ‘top rankers’ are flocking to the World Golf Championship (WGC) Dell Technologies match play held during the same period. Just looking at the prize money, you can feel the difference. The total prize money of the Corales Puntacana Championship is 3.8 million dollars, and the WGC tournament (total prize money 20 million dollars) has a similar prize money of 3.5 million dollars.

Of course, it’s not a ‘easy competition’. Since the Corales Puntacana Championship is also a regular PGA Tour event, the winner is given benefits such as FedEx Cup points (300 points), participation rights (until the 2025 season), and participation in major tournaments (PGA Championship). So, 120 people, including ‘stars of yesteryear’ and ‘Jamryong’, who are aiming for a comeback, mix together and look for an opportunity to rise.

On such a stage, Ricky Barnes (42, USA, photo), who lives a second life as a ‘real estate agent’, beat his competitors and made it to the ‘Top 10’. In the final 4th round of the tournament held at Corales GC (par 72, 7670 yards) in Puntacana, Dominican Republic on the 27th (Korean time), Barnes finished 7th with a total of 14 under par and 274 strokes메이저사이트. Barnes, who is only 1506th in the world rankings, secured the right to participate in the Valspa Championship to be held next week using the results of this tournament as a stepping stone.

Barnes is a player known by name to die-hard PGA Tour fans. He started his professional career by winning the 2002 US Amateur Championship and played on the PGA Tour until 2018. But he couldn’t come close to winning. He went downhill rapidly, losing Sid and being forced to worry about his livelihood. He rushed into real estate for his immediate family. “It’s all about competing in six competitions a year while raising three children,” said Barnes.

If you win the ballet championship, you can go to the ‘dream stage’ masters tournament held in early April. However, Barnes said, “I don’t think I can live as a ‘full-time player’ again.” “My golf skills are rusty and I can’t practice as much as I used to.” He then promised, “But if I go to the game, I will do my best to compete as always.”

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