Thursday, 21st September 2023

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World Cup round of 16 coach’ Choi Tae-wook’s determined remarks, “It is a miracle that Korea and Japan follow”

Coach Tae-wook Choi appeared on a YouTube channel run by his latest friend and 2002 World Cup colleague Chun-Soo Lee.

At this meeting, he compared the soccer systems of Korea and Japan, threw a bitter voice, and pointed out what needs to be supplemented.

Coach Choi Tae-wook said, “Europe’s evaluation of Korean players aged 12 to 15 is good. He says he’s doing really well.”

“In Korea, people focus only on grades to get into university. Coaches are judged for their leadership by going to university, not soccer philosophy or tactics.”

He continued, “If you don’t master the basics when you’re young, you have to do it as an adult, but it’s not easy. Players who graduated from college couldn’t build up,” he sighed with regret.

Along with this, “Son Heung-min’s father also said, ‘Why should I play winning soccer in high school?’ He thinks that the Korean Football Association should change the part about going to school.” 메이저놀이터

He said that Korea is far behind Japan in terms of infrastructure and that development is necessary.

Coach Choi Tae-wook said, “There are 15,000 youth teams in Japan, but only 800 in Korea.”

“Korea believes that great players come from good DNA and not from the system. Just following Japan is a miracle,” he added.

Finally, “I have acquired a P-level license. If there is a chance and a good position comes out, I want to become a great leader in the pros. I achieved it as a player in 2002 and as a coach in 2022, but in 2042 as a manager, I want to reach the World Cup final 16,” he also revealed his life plan.

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