Thursday, 28th September 2023

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What are the top 6 Gen Z trends according to college students?

On the 28th, KT unveiled six ‘Generation Z trend keywords’ created in collaboration with its university student marketing supporters, ‘Y Futurists’ and the University of the Twenties, a research institute specializing in Generation Z trends.

  1. ‘GET’

It refers to a form of life that pursues harmony in life, including playing well and resting well, going one step further than just living hard. While busy with studies, external activities, and part-time jobs, students replenish their energy through스포츠토토 self-focused relaxation activities such as healing cafes and glamping.

  1. ‘Zero Calorie Campus’

This trend reflects university students’ desire to save time and energy on campus and to enjoy various off-campus experiences. It is explained that students use their study time efficiently through tablet PC writing and voice-to-text services, and use their free time to take online classes or engage in external activities.

  1. ‘What’s in My Back’ (BACK)

In addition to ‘healing’ through quiet relaxation, the trend of a space where you can examine your inner mind has been noted. Teahouses that recommend teas that match individual moods and emotions, and experiential exhibitions that can be created with artificial tears by measuring the state of mind, are spaces that have recently attracted the attention of Generation Z.

  1. ‘Z-OURNEY’

This refers to the journey that Gen Z takes to visit a hot spot. It also refers to the phenomenon that popular spaces spread around them. It also explains the characteristics of popular spaces such as 100% reservation system, class offerings, and personalization. In other words, the journey of Gen Zers who go to Euljiro and explore the neighboring Sindang-dong becomes a hot spot.

  1. ‘Jamtech’

A combination of fun and finance. The biggest feature of financial platforms that MZers are enthusiastic about is fun. When using the financial platform ‘TOSS’ with friends, they share characters and have fun fulfilling missions, earning points and practicing finance naturally.

  1. ‘Short Portfolio’

This is a trend that focuses on the characteristics of Gen Zers who display themselves lightly on online platforms, unlike traditional portfolios. They showcase and share their favorite content not only on SNS but also on commerce platforms to make themselves known.

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