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‘WELCOME BACK’ Bakko, who rode a roller coaster for a while, “I prayed to God”

Barko, who was inconsistent this season, is on the right track. He saved a team on the verge of losing a losing streak with a thrilling shot. Coach Hong Myung-bo and Ulsan Hyundai teammates also shouted ‘Welcome back’.

Bako joined Ulsan in 2021. He was a semi-professional striker who played for the Georgia national team in Europe and the United States. Despite the tight pressure, he unleashed the team’s attack with graceful footing, and played an important role in the Ulsan championship competition by accumulating attack points at critical moments.

His start this season has been somewhat ups and downs. As Swedish striker Rubiksson made a big success, he was not given the opportunity to play as before. When I asked coach Hong Myung-bo about Bakko, he said, “I’m still not in perfect shape.”

Ulsan had a steep run at the beginning of the season while winning 6 consecutive wins. Although he competed for the starting position with Rubikson, the heart of Bako, who continued to play a key role, must have been heavy. After losing to Daejeon Hana Citizen after a bloody battle, Hong Myung-bo’s choice as manager in the East Coast Derby was Bakko.

There was a tactical change of position. Rubikson played on the right side, placing it on the unfamiliar left side. Coach Hong said, “It may be awkward because it is a position I have not normally played, but I believe that I will do my part well.”

The kickoff whistle blew. Ulsan raised the line high to face Pohang, but struggled against Pohang’s counter attack. In the 15th minute of the first half, Ko Young-jun conceded and was dragged away. In the second half, he allowed a net in메이저사이트 the early stages and gave up a two-goal lead.

Coach Hong Myung-bo chose a bold attacking tactic in a situation where a comeback goal was needed. He put in Lee Cheong-yong and others to pull the reins. Bako’s position has also changed to the right side to make the most of his advantage. Bakko led the Ulsan attack from a comfortable position, shook the Pohang defense, and proved his worth with the equalizer.

After the game, I met Bakko and asked him about his East Coast Derby. When the video review system (VAR) was activated after the goal net was shaken, Daum was more sleepy than anyone else. He said, “I was really lucky. I prayed to God that I would go in. I think this goal will be a turning point.”

When asked why he was inconsistent this season, he said, “It’s still early in the season. I have to keep pace with new players. I’m improving my physical side. I’m glad I was able to quickly recover my game sense at the beginning of the season. I know. Trusting me is the most important thing,” he said, whipping himself rather than external factors.

Coach Hong Myung-bo was satisfied, saying, “There were ups and downs at the beginning of the season, but now I’m back with the Bako I knew.” It is said that his teammates were also delighted with Bacco’s goal, saying “Welcome Back”.

The same was true of Ju Min-gyu, the main striker in Ulsan. When asked about Bako’s performance, he gave a thumbs up, saying, “I didn’t doubt that he was such a good player. From the striker’s point of view, Bako’s goal this time will be of great confidence. In the future, he will be able to show more of his presence as a key player.”

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