Sunday, 28th May 2023

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Weigh-in failure Kwon Ah-sol, fans’ trust is leaving

Kwon Ah-sol (36, FREE), the representative star of Road FC, had another major accident. It is a very embarrassing accident among accidents. On the 17th, at the official weigh-in event of ‘Gobne Road FC 062’ held at the Grand Swiss Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul, he recorded 78kg, which is 5kg more than the contract weight of 73kg, making the surroundings stunned.

Weigh-in failure is one of the most disgraceful things from a fighter’s point of view. It is said that he was not prepared to fight the opponent properly, and if he wants to force the game in such a situation, he must prepare for a number of penalties such as fines. It is because it is so sorry for the opponent, the organization that hosted the match, and the fans. In that respect, Kwon Ah-sol had nothing to say even if he had ten mouths.

Having failed the weigh-in several times before and created an embarrassing situation, this time he overweight by 5 kg. In general, when weighing in a martial arts competition, there are often cases of failure in small units such as 100-200g. However, it is difficult to find such a ridiculous difference as Kwon Ah-sol. His opponent, Koji Nakamura (37, Japan), smiled wryly as if he was dumbfounded. It was a real skit.

In fact, Nakamura predicted (?) Kwon Ah-sol’s weigh-in failure to some extent. Even at a glance, it was guessed based on the recent tendency and behavior of the body that was not properly managed. As if to prove this, he made a condition that if Kwon A-sol fails in the weigh-in, he will not play, and he will receive an additional 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money as well as his own fight money.

Excited by Nakamura’s request, Kwon A-sol showed a very hurtful self-esteem, saying, “Watch to see if you can pass the weigh-in or not.” However, despite this, it failed to an absurd level in the weigh-in, so it was difficult for Kwon Ah-sol as well as Road FC. He is in a situation where there is no room for excuses even if other organizations say things he does not want to hear.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like Kwon Ah-sol didn’t make an effort to lose weight. The problem is that even though it is not a player who has lost weight once or twice, he did not properly recognize whether it was possible or impossible. After a hiatus of 3 years, he is known to have weighed close to 95kg. In such a situation, he pointed out that it was an overly irrational number to adjust his weight to 73 kg. I don’t know about losing 10kg, but losing 22kg or so is literally an act of challenging the limit.

This is the reason why people who know the situation say that it is amazing that they have subtracted this much. However, as an active fighter, the fact that there was little maintenance and the fact that he was unaware of his condition and forced the match with an unreasonable weight is a move that is not like a veteran. Otherwise, it could have fatal adverse effects on the body.

In any case, this match was judged by myself, and it is professional to take responsibility if you have made a choice. Whether or not the match goes ahead depends entirely on Nakamura’s will, but the group is in danger of losing a key card with the tournament right around the corner. From the point of view of the fans who were expecting it, it became a situation where they were anxious and lost their pulse. This shows that Kwon Ah-sol’s weigh-in failure is not a simple individual problem. 토토사이트

As always, Kwon A-sol was burning with confidence ahead of this match. He was scheduled to return after 3 years and 1 month after losing a decision in a game against Shamil Zavrov (38, Russia) in November 2019. hit The player he chose as his first opponent was Nakamura, who defeated him by KO in the second round at Road FC 013 in October 2013.

For a considerable amount of time, Kwon A-sol has steadily created a concept as the representative bad boy of Road FC. It wasn’t that the reaction was bad from the beginning. After defeating Takasuke Kume to become the champion, there were as many devoted fans as anti-fans until the time he succeeded in revenge against his rival Lee Kwang-hee of the same age. This is because he proved himself through his efforts and skills apart from Big Mouth. However, since some time, only patterns that have forgotten even the basics have become fighters. Putting aside the likes and dislikes, the fans’ trust itself is leaving.