Saturday, 30th September 2023

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“Vietnamese fans, wait for a ‘signal’ from Van Toan”… ‘Park Hang-seo’s favorite disciple’ to challenge K-League 2

Toan, the Vietnamese men’s national football team, will challenge K League 2 this season. Leaving the familiar Vietnam and starting anew in a completely unfamiliar land. 

It had a very strong presence in Vietnam. He played regularly for his team, Hoang Ain Gai Lai, and scored numerous goals as a striker. Thanks to this, he also experienced 50 A matches in the Vietnamese national team. During the time with coach Park Hang-seo, there was also a glorious moment when he was a member of the strongest country in Southeast Asia, stepping on the top at the 2018 AFF (ASEAN Football Federation) Championship.

Vietnamese media ‘Jing’ revealed that Vietnamese fans wished Van Toan’s success in the K-League. Recently, the situation of major players from Vietnam who are playing abroad is not good. So Bantoan should be our hope. The Vietnamese national team must prove that it can do well overseas as well to open up possibilities for future generations. This is why Bantoan deserves to take responsibility. ‘Jing’ said, “Ban Toan trained with Seoul E-Land for the new season. Vietnamese fans are waiting for a good signal from him.”

In an interview during the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp, Van Toan mentioned that it was not easy to leave Vietnam and choose to challenge Korea. Nevertheless, he emphasized that he had a greater desire to take on a challenge.스포츠토토

Park Chung-gyun, head coach of Seoul E-Land FC (Seoul E-Land), knows Van Toan well as he has spent time as a coach for the Vietnamese national team. This is why the current Bantoan has an advantage over the Southeast Asian players who previously played in the K-League. It is always beneficial for a coach to know the strengths of a player closely.

It is rumored that Bantoan is learning Korean as much as possible in order to quickly adapt to K-League 2.

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