Monday, 29th May 2023

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Unarmed Shin Chang-won, yesterday’s extreme choice attempt… “There is no danger to life”

Unarmed prisoner Shin Chang-won토토사이트, who committed various crimes such as robbery and theft after breaking out of prison, attempted an extreme choice in prison yesterday (21st).

According to the Ministry of Justice today (22nd), Shin Chang-won made an extreme choice in his cell in Daejeon Prison at around 8 pm yesterday.

He was later found by prison staff on duty and taken to hospital where he was treated.

An official from the Ministry of Justice told JTBC reporters, “The response to the situation yesterday has no impact on life.”

The Ministry of Justice added that it is confirming the facts as to why Shin tried to make an extreme choice.

Previously, Shin Chang-won was sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery and murder in 1989.

Shin Chang-won, who was serving a prison sentence, escaped from Busan Prison in 1997 and committed various crimes. Shin Chang-won was arrested again in 1999 and has been imprisoned to this day.

Shin Chang-won tried to make an extreme choice in 2011 and fell into critical condition.

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