Thursday, 21st September 2023

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This year, the second round is Ulsan-Jeonbuk, this time Ulsan’s stability VS Jeonbuk’s generation change 

The 2023 professional football K League 1, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its launch, stands out again this year with the solid two-final system between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Soccer experts diagnosed that the power gap between Hyundai and the other 10 teams is widening as the years go by. It is interesting that the weight is shifting toward the challenger, Jeonbuk, rather than last year’s champion, Ulsan.스포츠토토

Sports trend commentator Kim Dae-gil said, “The two-final system has become more solid, but Jeonbuk has a higher chance of winning.”

Jeonbuk, which struggled with the aging of its players last year, succeeded in improving their constitution by carrying out a generation change this year, which is the reason why they received favorable reviews. In attack, national team side striker Lee Dong-jun from Ulsan joined, and in defense, national team-level defender Jeong Tae-wook joined.

They are the same age born in 1997 and are expected to become the cornerstone of Jeonbuk in the long term. It was interpreted that Jeonbuk could be the driving force behind not being pushed back in the long-term race.

Former Olympic soccer team coach Kim Hak-beom nodded, saying, “I think Jeonbuk won the championship, too,” and “It could be a risk that many players have changed, but a lot of young people have joined.”

If Jeonbuk carried out a generation change, Ulsan is a case of reinforcing power in stability. Ulsan kept its championship history intact, except for Japanese midfielder Jun Amano, who left for Jeonbuk, and Leonardo, who returned to his original team. Expectations are high in that Joo Min-gyu, who scored the most goals (39 goals) in the K-League 1 over the past two years, will wear the Ulsan uniform this year and become the vanguard of the winning team.

Coupang Play commentator Han Jun-hee said, “I agree with the opinion that Jeonbuk is better in terms of overall strength,” but said, “Ulsan is better when it comes to the stability of the main players.” Commentator Kim Dae-gil also said, “Ulsan can gain great strength if Ju Min-gyu, who was recruited this time, demonstrates the ability he showed in Jeju. I am also looking forward to good synergy with Martin Adam.”

Defense was cited as the variable that would determine Yanggang’s victory. In fact, Ulsan, the winning team last year, boasted the best salt water defense (33 runs).

Manager Kim explained, “The firm second-final system determines the championship depending on the win or loss of the match, and defense is important in the match.”

However, unlike last year, it is evaluated that Jeonbuk is not far behind in this area. It means that with the addition of young defender Jeong Tae-wook and the recovery of Hong Jeong-ho from injury, they have secured similar defensive power. Manager Kim said, “It may be disadvantageous for Jeonbuk goalkeeper Song Bum-keun to leave for Japan, but at this level, the defender is more important than the goalkeeper. Jeonbuk, which has made up for its weaknesses, is more advantageous.”

The hint to determine the winning team this year is expected to be the confrontation between the two teams that will be staged in the opening game on the 25th.

Commentator Han Joon-hee said, “Jeonbuk must have Lee Dong-jun fill the void left by Barrow. In Ulsan, the point to watch is how much Boyanich does in the center.”

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