Monday, 29th May 2023

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“There is white powder in the case”…Drug criminal ‘Deolmi’ trying to find a lost phone

A drug offender who went to the police box to find his lost cell phone was caught by the police.

Drugs hidden in a cell phone case were discovered and caught.

This is reporter Cha Jung-yoon스포츠토토.

A police officer looks through the cell phone and its contents that have been reported as lost items.

Inside the cell phone case, an unknown white powder was found in a plastic bag.

A, the mobile phone owner, arrives at the police box while waiting for the homicide team after requesting a drug check.

After finding the cell phone, the police officers start wasting time by asking for identity verification and filling out documents.

Mr. A is not feeling well and he has to go home and take medicine quickly.

As a result of the confirmation of the violent team who arrived at the police box shortly after the vehicle carrying Mr. A left, the identity of the white powder was also a drug.

Immediately, the robbery team searched Mr. A’s house and found a syringe used for drug administration in a bag of rice.

As a result of the police investigation, it was found that Mr. A was a drug ex-convict, and that he had tried drugs again because he had not been able to quit drugs for a long time.

The police arrested Mr. A for violating the Drug Control Act.

This is YTN Cha Jung-yoon.

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