Monday, 29th May 2023

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The series was eliminated → the director was fired… NBA in a blizzard

No matter how splendid the performance accumulated so far, it is useless even if there is a lot of contract period left. If you drop out of the playoffs or if you don’t like the owner, you will be fired without mercy.

The Phoenix Suns officially announced the sacking of manager Monty Williams on the 14th (Korean time). The reason is the 2nd round elimination of the playoffs. Phoenix tried to win by recruiting Kevin Durant, but was defeated by the Dunver Nuggets 2-4 in the second round of the playoffs.

American sports media카지노사이트 ‘ESPN’ said, “Phoenix owner Matt Isbia decided to fire Williams immediately after losing Game 6 of the series with Denver. Isbia owner, who completely dominated the Phoenix basketball team, never liked manager Williams. no,” he said.

Williams has made significant strides over the past four seasons with Phoenix. He won 64 wins, the club’s most ever, in the 2021-22 season, and led the team to advance to the 2021 finals.

The record recorded in the regular season so far is 194 wins and 115 losses (62.8% win rate). He was recognized for his leadership, including being selected as the ‘Director of the Year’.

However, in the end, there was a limit to the victory Phoenix aimed for. Criticism also arose among fans due to excessive reliance on the starting pitcher and feud with Deandre Ayton. There are three years left in the contract, but the owner of Isbia made a decision to replace the manager.

These days, as the NBA playoff rounds go on, more and more managers are being fired. Especially this season, the big names who led the team to the championship were kicked out without remorse, adding to the shock of the fans.

Nick Nurse, who won the Toronto Raptors’ first championship, and Mike Budenholzer of the Milwaukee Bucks, who won the team two years ago for the first time in 30 years and ranked first in overall win rate this regular season, were also fired after being eliminated from the playoffs. If the expected results were not achieved, even a renowned coach resigned without waiting any longer.

The funny thing is that Williams, Nulls, and Budenholzer are all being discussed as candidates for new managers by other teams right after they were fired. In a situation where the director pool is not deep, it is difficult to find a commanding tower comparable to these three leaders. Unlaughable things can happen when fired managers switch teams.

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