Saturday, 30th September 2023

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The reserve pitcher who drew a picture after returning while watching Kim Si-hoon’s pitch, “I will definitely become a pitcher who blocks one inning” 

NC Dinos pitcher Lim Hyung-won (21) returned from his military duty. 

Lim Hyung-won, who joined NC in 2020 after graduating from Incheon High School, stepped on the first team mound once in the first year of his debut. After completing his military service as an active-duty soldier, he is building his body at Futures Camp in Masan Stadium. 

On the 19th, Lim Hyung-won said on the official Instagram of the club Future Steam, “I felt like I lost a ‘friend’ because I couldn’t play baseball in the military. I’m happy that I can only play baseball now.” 

Also, 안전놀이터“I continued weight training and running in the unit. (In the military) I had to go to work without a day off, so I paid most attention to reinforcement exercises.” You took care of me a lot,” he added.

He said, “While in the military, I kept in touch with (Han) Jae-seung, and (Jeong) Goo-beom and (Park) Young-bin kept in touch with my older brother. I’m happy to see my face on the team again.” 

He is not in normal condition as he has just been discharged from the military. He said, “During Camp 2, my physical condition is not yet 100%, so I am planning to increase my physical condition to the maximum. And my goal is to enter the season and start pitching while doing elbow and shoulder strengthening exercises.” I plan to prepare by making use of my strengths, elasticity and speed,” he said.

He expressed his satisfaction with the team atmosphere that has changed from before enlisting. Lim Hyung-won welcomed, saying, “The atmosphere in the team has definitely brightened, and the seniors who were the best when I was a rookie became coaches for the team, so they look more closely and pay attention. I don’t think there will be any problems adapting.” 

He also said, “While in the military, I saw a lot of (Kim) Sihun hyung throwing in the N team.

Lim Hyung-won promised that if he were to stand on the mound for the first team again, he would show a 180-degree change. 

“On June 14, 2020, I played just one game at Changwon NC Park, but at that time I was so nervous that I couldn’t pitch as I wanted to. I want to be”.

Lastly, Lim Hyung-won concluded the interview by promising, “I will do my best to prepare so that our fans can also remember my name as a trustworthy midfield pitcher

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