Sunday, 28th May 2023

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The protest is hot… ‘Invasion’, a spectator on a motorbike, appeared in the Dutch episode 8

Suddenly, a spectator on a motorcycle appeared at the stadium.

The British media’Daily Star’ reported on the 22nd (Kor메이저사이트ean time) that a spectator appeared on the field in an extraordinary way during a match between Vinheisen and Vitesse 63 in the Dutch 8th division. It is a unique way of protesting the nightmare of living next to a soccer field.”

In the photo, a man is riding a white motorcycle on the ground. Around the motorcycle, players are just looking at the man on the motorcycle. According to the ‘Daily Star’, the man covered the field with 15 miles (about 24.14 km). Lights, fans, swear words, and balls flying into the backyard are just some of the reasons he’s dissatisfied. Rather than his passive response to posting on social media, he actively expressed his opinion.

Bin Heisen chairman Keith van der Liszt is also well aware of the difficulties. He said, “We don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I think we acted very emotionally. We are neighbors after all. I feel responsible from the standpoint of monitoring safety, but the spectators probably didn’t mean it badly either. i will talk to him We want a good relationship with him too.”

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