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The name of the Grand Slam court with tennis history and identity 

The main arenas of Melbourne Park, where the Australian Open is currently in full swing, include ‘Rod Laver Arena’, ‘Margaret Court Arena’, 토토사이트‘John Cain Arena’, and ‘Kia Arena’. )’ and so on.

Most of the major tournaments where big tennis tournaments are held are named after tennis ‘legends’ in that country. The Australian Open’s center court ‘Rod Laver Arena’, which can accommodate about 15,000 people, is a living legend of Australian tennis who has won the ‘Calendar Grand Slam’ (meaning winning all four Grand Slams in one year) twice. Named after Rod Laver.

The second largest court is the ‘John Kane Arena’. It is a multipurpose stadium with about 10,300 seats, and it is unusual that ‘John Kane’ is not an Australian tennis legend but a politician. Kane is a politician who served as Prime Minister of Victoria three times.

He has ties to tennis and the Australian Open, of course. It was Kane, then Prime Minister, who decided to move the venue of the 1988 Australian Open from Kooyong to Melbourne. The Victorian Government and the Australian Tennis Association have created the ‘John Kane Arena’ from 2021 to honor Kane, who passed away in 2019.

‘John Kane Arena’ was previously called ‘Vodafone (communication company) Arena’ and ‘Hisense (home appliance manufacturer) Arena’ by selling the stadium naming rights. For two years from 2019, it was the ‘Melbourne Arena’.

The third largest court in Melbourne Park is ‘Margaret Court Arena’, which can accommodate up to 7,500 people. Margaret Court is a legend of Australian women’s tennis who has won the most major championships before and after the Open Era by reaching the top a total of 24 times in Grand Slam singles alone.

There is also a ‘Kia Arena’ named after our company at the Australian Open. Among the courts of the four major tournaments, ‘Kia Arena’ is the only court with the name of the current company. The ‘Kia Arena’, completed in 2021, is called the ‘Kia Arena’ according to a contract with Kia, a major partner of the Australian Open.

Other major tennis venues are similar. The US Open Center Court, which boasts the world’s largest scale among tennis courts, is called ‘Arthur Ashe Stadium’, named after Arthur Ashe, a hero of American tennis and a pioneer of black tennis. Ash wrote the first black history by winning the Australian Open (1970), Wimbledon (1975), and US Open (1968) in the 1960s and 1970s, when it was difficult for black players to compete in tennis tournaments.

The center court of Roland Garros was named after Philippe Chatrier, a French tennis player and tennis administrator. Cha Trier did not leave an impressive track record as a player, but after his retirement he made a name for himself as a journalist. And he served as president of the French Tennis Federation (FFT) for 20 years from 1973 and president of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) from 1977 to 1991.

The second-largest court at Roland Garros is named after Suzanne Lang-Land, the “hero” of French women’s tennis who won a total of 21 Grand Slam titles, including singles and mixed doubles.

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