Thursday, 28th September 2023

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The Kahouka Dam flood waters are almost drained… The Black Sea coast is groaning with garbage

Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported on the 11th local time that the city of Nova Kahouka, which was inundated by the destruction of the Kahouka dam in Ukraine, was flooded due to flooding. “The whole city has been freed from the water,” said Mayor Vladimir Lyontiev, who was

appointed after Russia occupied the city of Nova Kahouka, in an interview with Russian broadcaster RBC the day before.

He went on to say that “the energy supply has started” and that normal activities will be restored within a week.

He also said that by the 16th, the water level of the Dnieper River in the area below the Kahouka dam is likely to return to past levels.

It said 77 residents were hospitalized in flood-affected areas in Kherson, and 7,000 people, including 323 children, were evacuated.

While restoration efforts are underway in flood-affected areas, the Black Sea coast is facing a serious pollution crisis due to the collapse of the Kahouka Dam.

According to CNN , Ukrainian authorities said trash that washed up along the Dnipro River had turned the Black Sea port city of Odessa into a “garbage heap and animal cemetery안전놀이터.”

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said on its website over the weekend that “many landmines, ammunition and other explosives are being carried into the sea and then thrown ashore” and that “the consequences of the ecological massacre are dire”.

In the midst of this, the New York Times reported that the last reactor at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was shut down as a safety measure to prevent accidents.

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power company Energoatom said in a statement that reactor 5 at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant had been put into shutdown on the 8th.

Since September of last year, five of the six reactors at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant have been completely shut down, but Unit 5 has been operating to supply energy to the plant.

Earlier, on the morning of the 6th, when the Kahouka Dam in Kherson State partially collapsed, villages along the lower Dnipro River were flooded and residents were evacuated en masse.

Ukraine and Russia are fighting back, blaming each other for the collapse of the Kahouka Dam.

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