Thursday, 21st September 2023

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The fateful Korea-Japan match on the 10th… Go beyond the ‘strongest ever’ Japanese team


The match against Australia is important, but the biggest interest is the Korea-Japan match that will be held the day after tomorrow (10th). Japan, where a large number of star players from the American stage joined, is evaluated as the strongest ever.

Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon pointed out our team’s strategy to face Japan.


The Japanese national team, which is aiming for its third WBC championship following 2006 and 2009, is more colorful than ever.

Otani, who rewrote baseball history with the world’s best pitching skills, Darvish with 95 wins in the major leagues, who is likely to be selected for the Korea-Japan match, and Sasaki, a morning star with a fastball of 165 km/h, are lined with fearsome players메이저사이트.

Japanese fans’ interest and expectations are also at an all-time high.

Tens of thousands of fans gathered in crowds to watch the training, and long lines lined up from early morning to buy national team-related products in the cities where the evaluation matches were held.

[Otani/WBC Japan National Team: It’s my first time participating in the WBC, so I’m nervous, but I always think I want to play like myself.]

However, Korean baseball has shown its potential against Japan, which has always been evaluated as a top power.

The two teams faced off evenly with 9 wins and 10 losses in a head-to-head match with the best members.

Our team’s greatest strength ahead of the WBC Korea-Japan match in 14 years is the best defense ever.

Big League Keystone duo Kim Ha-seong and Edmon, as well as reserve big leaguer Lee Jung-hoo, who will be the starting center fielder, have enough skills to face Japan on both offense and defense.

If left-handed pitchers such as Kim Gwang-hyeon, Yang Hyeon-jong, and Koo Chang-mo well block the Japanese lineup, which is dominated by left-handed giants such as Ohtani and Murakami, the protagonist of last year’s 56 homers, we can create a memorable match for a long time in this Korea-Japan match.

In the midst of this, Ohtani will be the starting pitcher for the match against China tomorrow, and will only hit as a hitter against Japan and Korea.

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