Thursday, 21st September 2023

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The early realization of the prophecy “It will become the strongest mound in the league within a few years”… Young Gun’s Great Leap Forward, No. 1 in Team ERA Without One Foreigner

NC coach Kang In-kwon, who successfully completed CAMP2 (Spring Camp) in Arizona, said the following while explaining the results of the camp카지노사이트. He cautiously gave a positive outlook, saying, “Young pitchers have grown a lot.

The prophecy came true, it didn’t take long. It is becoming visible this season. They are winning and winning in the great leap forward of the young guns.

The initial rise of NC Dinos is unusual.

It is emerging as the best dark horse with solid power as if ridiculing the prospects of the lower ranks of experts before the opening. At the center of it is a solid shield, the power of a mound.

As of the 17th, after playing 14 games, NC is running first among 10 clubs with an ERA of 2.49. Considering that the league average is 4.10, this figure shows the stability of the NC mound. The team’s ERA ranked second with LG’s 2.49 and Lotte’s 6.47 at the bottom.

The starting lineup and bullpen are well matched. Both front and back are solid. The starting average ERA is 2.68, first, and the salvation average is 2.17, which is second after SSG (2.01).

In NC, the 2nd starter widener has been away from the opening for a long time due to back pain. In addition, foreign hitter Martin and hostess Park Se-hyeok are out due to injury.

Although they are playing without three key players, they are tied for second place with LG with 9 wins and 5 losses. Last weekend, it brought a winning series by winning two consecutive victories against the leading SSG in a power showdown.

The native ace Koo Chang-mo, who had faltered at the beginning of the season, fully revived and energized the starting lineup. Starting against Incheon SSG on the 15th, he led the 5th one-hit victory (1-0) with a reverse pitch with 3 hits and 9 strikeouts in 8⅔ innings.

With Pedi and Koo Chang-mo taking the center stage, the young pitchers’ progress stands out.

Right-hander Song Myeong-ki (23), who was considered a future ace, returned to the 2020 version. He has an earned run average of 0.52 with 3 starts and only 2 runs (1 earned) in 17⅓ innings pitched.

Lee Yong-jun (21), a substitute starter for the third year, has an average ERA of 1.04 with 1 win in 2 games. On the 12th, against KT, he harvested his first victory in his thrilling debut with 4 hits and 1 run in 5 innings. Shin Min-hyeok (24) also got off to a good start with quality starts in his first two consecutive games.

The bullpen, which was worried about veteran Won Jong-hyun’s free agent transfer, is also infused with a sense of stability as young pitchers are making rapid progress.

Veteran finisher Lee Yong-chan holds the balance with a scoreless throw from the 6th game, while Kim Yeong-gyu (23) and Ryu Jin-wook (27) lock the back door with perfect pitching. Kim Yeong-gyu has 2 hits and no runs in 6 games and 7 innings, and Ryu Jin-wook has 1 hit and no runs in 5 games and 5 innings. Kim Yeong-kyu’s average fastball speed is 145 km, and Ryu Jin-wook’s is 147 km.

Ha Joon-yeong (24), along with veterans Lim Jeong-ho and Kim Young-gyu, is also bringing great strength to the left-handed bullpen.

Right-hander Kim Jin-ho (25) throws a tailing fast ball that can travel up to 150 km. The average speed reached 148 km, which is the highest in the team. Setup man Kim Si-hoon (24) is also a reliable bullpen key resource.

New pitchers, his debut season, are also in full swing. They are first-rounder Shin Young-woo (19) and college graduate rookie Lee Jun-ho (23), who are taking starting classes in the Futures League. They are pitchers with solid skills who can create tremendous synergies when they gain experience on the professional stage and join the first team.

Young people guarding the NC mound. Where will the growth end? The taste of watching Dinos baseball this season seems to be very good.

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