Thursday, 28th September 2023

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The 28th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon Finish

If the beginning is imagination and the middle is combat power, the end is the time of calculation. The final stage, where victory or defeat is decided, is the final stage where the principle of survival of the fittest is applied. Oops, if the tower you worked so hard for accidentally collapses, there’s no time to make up for it. Even pros fall into delusion, exchanging precarious endings, and moving between heaven and hell countless times. Because they are human too.먹튀검증

After winning with ▲, Black enters the finish with a slight lead. 146 is a salty and thick number. But that’s not the answer. Keeping the upper left corner with reference figures 1 to 5 was the best finish on the board. Best for both parties up to 17. 153 and 155 are the points of the finish, but 157 was a problem number that was in vain with victory in front of its eyes. Of course, the scene jumps one square to 172 to hasten the destruction of the entire left upper body.

With 158 placed, it seems that Baek succeeded in reversing slightly. 160 when 161 is an integer. The moment you want to be well organized up to 172 below, the number of problems pops up again. 173 The joint is black’s defeat. This channel was placed at 174 to rescue Black’s 3 points. At that time, if White captures a point of Black with 173, release it and put it on ‘A’. It is a hot spot that threatens the white hemp by raising the left side of the heukjin. What is the end of the last minute stunt?

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