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“Thanks to them, the future of Korean-Vietnamese billiards is bright” Young guns in their teens and twenties at the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup

The Ho Chi Minh City 3-Cushion World Cup (HCMC World Cup), the home of the world’s top 3-cushion players, has a stellar lineup of players including Yasper, Bromdahl, Tasdemir, Zanetti, Kim Hang Jik, Choong Woo, and Tran Quyet Chien. Their spectacular performances have been captivating billiards fans around the world since the main round of 32 began on June 26. The ‘Emperor of Billiards’ Bromdahl has already shown his mettle by setting a new 3-Cushion World Cup high run record (26 points) on the first day of the Round of 32.

However, this year’s Ho Chi Minh World Cup also features a number of youngsters in their teens and twenties who are set to lead the future of 3-cushion in the Asian 3-cushion powerhouses of Korea and Vietnam. Although they are still inexperienced, they dream of becoming the next Kim Hang-jik, Choi Sung-woo, and Tran with their outstanding skills.

A total of nine ‘Generation 2000’ players (aged 18-21) from Korea participated in the Ho Chi Minh World Cup, which concluded with the PQ (third qualifying round) on the 24th. This was a disappointing result, as some of the players were aiming for the main draw (Round of 32) or higher. For Vietnam, three players in their 90s (24-28 years old) stood out. Two of them made it to the round of 32.

Jeong Ye-seong Son Jun-hyuk Jung Jae-jae Park Jung-woo Kim Ha-eun…’Fearless Generation 2000′

The eldest member of the ‘2000 Generation’ is Jeong Ye-sung (21, Seoul Billiards Federation). Jung, who is five years younger than Choi, won the runner-up spot at last year’s Taebaek Sanbae by defeating Choi Sung-won (who lost to Kim Hyung-gon in the final) and is currently ranked fifth in Korea. This time around, he was unfortunately unsuccessful in the PPQ (second round of qualifying). “My recent slump seems to have continued into this tournament,” he said, “and I’m determined to beat my World Cup personal best (Round of 32) this year.”

Just below Jeong are “19-year-olds” Son Jun-hyuk, Kim Tae-hyun and Kim Hoe-seung. Son Jun-hyuk (19, Bucheon City Sports Association) has been a rising star since his senior year of high school last year. At the 2022 Ankara 3 Cushion World Cup in Turkey and the 3 Cushion World Cup in Las Vegas, he reached the Final Qualification (Q) and then the main draw (Round of 32) at the Seoul 3 Cushion World Cup. This time, he finished third in his group in the Third Qualifier (PQ). “I had a hard time adjusting to the hot weather in Vietnam,” said Son, “and I realized that adaptability is essential for overseas competitions.”

Jung Jae-in (Gwangju National University) has already reached the top of the domestic competition. He and Yang Chang-woo (Incheon Billiard Federation) won the doubles final of the Taebaek Sanbae last year, defeating the team of Kim Hyung-gon (Seoul Billiard Federation) and Park Jung-woo (Gyeongdong High School Seolbang Tongo). Jung Jae-in also finished second in his group in the PPQ, which was a shame.

Kim Tae-hyun (Gwangju National University) and Kim Ho-seung (Seoul Billiards Federation) are making their 3-Cushion World Cup debut. Their final results were PPQ for Kim Tae-hyun and PPPQ for Kim Hoe-seung. They realized the high barriers on the world stage, but also gained confidence.

Park Jung-woo, Won Jae-yoon, Kim Ha-eun, and Cho Young-yoon are 18 years their junior. Park (Kyungdong Broadcasting and Telecommunications High School), who competed at the World Junior 3 Cushion Championships last year and reached the quarterfinals, advanced from the PPPQ to the PQ. He finished second in his group and didn’t make it to the final qualifier (Q), but he was the most envied among his peers.

Won Jae-yoon (Bongil Cheongo), Kim Ha-eun (Seoul Billiards Federation), and Cho Young-yoon (Jeonju) gained good practical experience on the international stage, even though they were eliminated in the first round.

Kim, in particular, was able to play in the World Cup because of a promise she made to her parents. “My parents told me that if I won the national championship, they would send me to the 3 Cushion World Cup, and I won the Korea Sports Chairman’s Cup last November, haha.” For Kim, this will be her second World Cup.

Vietnam’s fearsome 20-somethings who will meet Korea’s “Generation 2000” at international competitions (from left) Bao Phuong Binh (28), Le Hoang Kim (25). Tai Hong Chiem (24). (Le Hoang Kim photo by Five and Six)
Vietnam’s scary 20s…Bao Phuong Binh, Thai Hong Chiem, and Le Hoang Kim

South Korea’s rival and host country Vietnam also has some up-and-coming riders in their 20s. They are Bao Phuong Binh (28), Thai Hong Chiem (24) and Le Hoang Kim (25). They will have to face South Korea’s “Generation 2000” in many competitions to come. In terms of their performance in international competitions so far, they are one step ahead of Korea’s “Generation 2000”.

Bao Phuong Binh (ranked 35th in the world) is not only a promising player, but also a top Vietnamese player. He made waves in the round of 32 at the Las Vegas 3-Cushion World Cup in March, defeating the world’s strongest player, Dick Yaspers, 40:36 in 18 innings메이저사이트, and then rode the momentum to the round of 16.

Thai Hong Chiem, ranked 34th in the world, is also a strong contender. At last year’s World Championships in Donghae, Gangwon Province, he swept home seniors Wing Deok An-chien and Choi Sung-won in straight games to reach the round of 16. At the most recent Asian Carom Championships 2023 (Yanggu, Gangwon Province, in March), he finished third after being stopped in the semifinals by Choi Sung-woo. Bao Phung Binh and Tai Hong Chiem have both reached the round of 32 at this event.

Le Hoang Kim is still a bit of an unknown quantity compared to the first two. However, he is a protégé of the ‘Vietnamese Ace’ Tran Quoc Chien and could be the next big thing. His performance in this tournament is one win, one loss and second place in the first qualifier (PPPQ).

Meanwhile, all matches of the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup 2023 will be broadcast live online on Africa TV and on TV on Sky Sports.

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