Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Terrible growth Cheongju Technical High School Taekwondo Department, Produced 2 youth national team members

Cheongju Technical High School’s Taekwondo department produced two national youth athletes.

Compared to the past, interest in Taekwondo has decreased a lot, and as these young players stand out, the Taekwondo Department of Cheongju Technical High School is drawing attention from the sports world.

Ki-Hoon Jin.


The heavy yet nimble kick shows off its power with a dull sound토토사이트. Wonkyung Jang, a sophomore at Cheongju Technical High School, was selected as the youth

national team after winning the heavyweight division in the sparring category in the final selection match for the national team dispatched to the 12th Asian Youth Taekwondo Championships, which was held for six days from the 6th . Despite hard training, they do not lose their smiles, and they say that the secret to the good results of the national team is the lively and joyful atmosphere of the Taekwondo club. <Interview> Jang Won-gyeong / Cheongju Technical High School 2nd year ” I like to be energetic and feel good. I feel like my skills are improving this way because I raise the mood and have fun while exercising…” Even after losing 7kg to fit in, he achieved a valuable result of being elected as a national youth team. As a student at a vocational high school, he has to take various classes and practice at the same time and train, but he is striving for training today toward his dream of becoming an adult national representative. <Interview> Lee Jae-wook / Cheongju Technical High School 2nd year

“It was difficult to lose weight by 7kg, but I am proud of the results as much as I prepared hard, and I will work hard as I aim for the adult national team.”

Cheongju Technical High School’s Taekwondo Department is becoming the cradle of Taekwondo talents by sweeping the championship in provincial level competitions and making significant achievements in national competitions.

Unlike general players who grow through professional education from elementary school,

most of the students started their career as a player relatively late in middle school, but they are showing terrifying growth.

<Interview> Shin Bo-hyeon / Cheongju Technical High School Taekwondo Department Coach

“I started in middle school and am currently training at our technical high school, but in such a good atmosphere, I am very motivated to do it, so I can get good grades like now…”

Dream Cheongju Technical High School Taekwondo students, who are making great achievements with a firm will toward the future, are brightening the future of Taekwondo in Chungbuk.

“Cheongju Technical High School Taekwondo Department Fighting!”

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