Monday, 29th May 2023

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Teacher in his 50s tutors elementary school students and teaches them to play golf for hours on end.

“Mom, my homeroom teacher plays golf in the classroom.”

A sixth-grade student in Siheung, South Korea, recently told her parents. “No way,” the parent said, but the student was telling the truth.

After receiving the parents’ report, the school investigated and found that from March of this year until recently, Mr. A, a teacher in his 50s, had been practicing his golf swing in the back of the classroom on several occasions while asking students to solve problems or do group activities during class time. Teacher A allegedly placed golf clubs, including drivers and irons, mats메이저사이트, and plastic balls in the classroom to practice.

Some students reportedly complained of anxiety that they could be hit with a golf club every time they heard one being swung. Parents complained to the school, saying, “How can you allow children to practice golf in the classroom unattended?”

In response, Teacher A reportedly explained to the school that she was practicing to show that she was not good at golf, but that she did not give up and continued to practice, encouraging her students not to give up on their studies, etc.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education launched an audit into whether Teacher A had violated service regulations. “We will decide whether or not to discipline her after accurately identifying the situation,” said an official.

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