Saturday, 25th March 2023

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Storm shopping’ FC Seoul… No more goal thirst!

Professional football FC Seoul failed to escape the K-League 1 (Part 1) Final B (7th to 12th) in the past three seasons. Overall, the power balance was not good, but the biggest concern was the attack power. Seoul scored 43 goals in 38 league games last season, and was second in the lowest score among 12 league teams. As the goal was not scored, the frustrating flow continued. In the end, Seoul struggled out of the relegation zone and finished in 9th place. 먹튀검증

Seoul, which is preparing for the 2023 season, is looking forward to the new firepower. On the 5th, Seoul recruited Hwang Eui-jo (31), a striker for the Korean national soccer team for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. While preparing for the new season, it is the 5th striker recruitment after Willian, Hosam Iesh, Lim Sang-hyup, and Kim Kyung-min.

It is a different start from other seasons where offense reinforcement was not always done properly. Cho Young-wook’s military enlistment is considered a negative factor, but among the existing forces, the main players Ilyuchenko, Na Sang-ho, and Kang Seong-jin are in good health, and five more high-level options have been filled. There are also Ji Dong-won, Park Dong-jin, and Kim Shin-jin in the rival group.

It is evaluated that the position before the attack has become thicker. Hwang Eui-jo’s contract period is short, but it is a move worth looking forward to a strong start. First of all, even if Hwang Ui-jo is used as a two-top or lag striker with Ilyuchenko, the best offensive line in the league is expected. Hwang Ui-jo is a striker who scored 35 goals in the K-League (8 assists in 140 games) and scored double-digit goals twice in the European big league (French Ligue 1).

Hwang Eui-jo is also ambitious. Hwang Ui-jo, who did not get a chance to play at Olympiacos (Greece), needs a turning point. He signed a short-term lease with Seoul with the calculation that he is aiming for Europe again six months later. He immediately joined the second winter training in Seoul, which started in Kagoshima, Japan on the 6th. Hwang Eui-jo expressed his desire to “score as many goals as possible as a striker,” saying, “I hope I can improve my performance a lot for six months and get good results” before leaving for the field training ground that day.

As the offensive options diversified, the competition within the team became fiercer. Newly joined Willian is a proven striker in the 5th year of the K-League, but “Seoul has a lot of fast and good players on the offensive line. In order to play in that position, we have to compete well with each other,” he said nervously. Hopes that the long-term drought will be resolved also grew. Seoul captain Na Sang-ho expected, “I believe that (Hwang) Ui-jo will fill in the part where we couldn’t score many goals.”

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