Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“Stop 19-year-old Wang Xinghao, China’s next-generation spearhead”

Stop Wang Xinghao’s advance.” It is an urgent order given to the Korean baduk world. If this 19-year-old Chinese man is not stopped, there is a story that Korea cannot guarantee the future after the ‘Xin Jin-seo era’.

Wang Xinghao, born in 2004, defeated Japan’s Ida (伊田篤史) and Korea’s third-place Byeon Sangil in the first Ranker Championship held last week. In the third round, Park Geon-ho (26) was blocked by a gust of wind, but he was the only teenager among the top 10 players to reach the quarterfinals. He lifted the label of being the world’s number one junior player and succeeded in making a soft landing on the major stage.

Wang Singhao is currently ahead of메이저사이트 Shin Jinseo, who is called the world’s ‘best’, with 2 wins and 1 loss. This is the result achieved in the third round of the final of the 7th TWT competition held at the beginning of 2022. It was an unofficial Internet event, but it was a great event that shocked the world.

Shin Jin-seo immediately picked Wang Sing-hao when asked, “Who is the most promising prospect to keep an eye on?” Then, in just two years, he experienced his potential firsthand.

Wang Xinghao won the 8th (2021) and 9th (2022) tournaments in a row at the Glovis Cup, an international U20 festival. Shin Jin-seo (4 times) and Shin Min-jun (6 times) also only won once, and Byeon Sang-il, Yang Ding-shin, Ding-hao, and Lian-xiao did not taste the championship and passed the age of 20.

Wang Xinghao’s overall record against Korean knights is 11 wins and 5 losses (including 2 wins over the Glovis Cup), with a win rate of 68.8%. Most of the opponents were Korean first-class drivers, with Byeon Sang-il and Shin Min-jun winning 2 each, and Lee Dong-hoon winning 1 win and 1 loss. He ran a six-game winning streak against Korea before losing to Park Gun-ho last week.

Wang Xinghao will appear on the stage of the 28th LG Cup (May 29-31) and the 10th Glovis Cup (June 3-4). In the LG Cup, it was the first time to step on the main stage by passing the Chinese national team selection match with only 4 chapters, and in the Glovis Cup, which will be held online, it will challenge for the first time in history to win 3 consecutive championships. They are poised to compete one after another with Korean knights.

In particular, the Glovis Cup, a U20 tournament, draws attention as it is an opportunity to predict the future game. From Korea, 26th ranked Han Woo-jin (born 2005), 31st ranked Moon Min-jong (03rd year), and 60th ranked Lee Yeon (born 2004) will participate.

In China, Tu Xiaoyu (born in 2003) ranked 31st and Xu Yidi (born in 2007) ranked 151st, but Wang Xinghao (born 2004) ranked 18th. Will the three Korean knights fulfill their duties as ‘Wang Singhao Arrest Team’? If so, who is the main character?

Fans will never forget the thrill of August 2020. The 7th Glovis Sponsor This is an incident in which 17-year-old Min-Jong Moon (then ranked 150th in Korea) defeated China’s 2000-year-old trio shaker Liao Yuanhe Li Wei-qing to win the championship. Will I be able to taste that thrill again? For Moon Min-jong, who is in his ‘graduation class’, this is the last chance for an ‘encore show’.

Han Woo-jin is the youngest of the three, but has the highest ranking. He is leaping like an unbridled foal, winning the Millennium Cheonwon Championships last March. The ticket to this competition was also won by winning the preliminary round. Lee Yeon was the only one of three Korean players (same as this year) to reach the quarterfinals in the ninth tournament last year.

Wang Xinghao’s ethos is compressed into a ‘rebellious temperament’. There is never a law that responds to the opponent’s intention or compromise proposal. He is an impossible tactic if he is not confident in reading numbers. South Korea’s under-20 trio is out to break through his steel shield.

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