Saturday, 25th March 2023

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“Start counterattack” Gas Corporation… Particularly strong in ‘Home’

◀ Anchor▶ It is true that the interest in Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, a professional basketball 
team that has been associated with Daegu since 2021,  is lacking more than the existing baseball or  soccer teams. The 2022 season was added to the early league sluggishness and  was turned away by fans. However, it is said that it has started to counterattack recently and is showing an upward trend  . Let’s talk more with reporter Seok Won in  charge of sports  . Reporter Seok, is KOGAS’ upward trend  relentless?

◀Reporter▶ Daegu Korea Gas Corporation,
which was classified as a top player before the start of the league  , fell to the bottom with 2 wins and 7 losses by the time the first round was finished  . KOGAS, which started a counterattack from the second round, has a  record of 10 wins and 10 losses as it repeats its winning streak,  and is tied for 5th in the league with a win rate of 50%. National guard Lee Dae-seong,  who was ambitiously recruited ahead of the season,  failed to shine  in the team in the beginning, but it can be said that the team’s rebound began as he showed his true value through  repeated matches. Let’s listen to Lee Dae-sung’s story.

◀Lee Dae-seong, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation player▶ 
“I’m in a position with a lot of responsibility on the team, and I’m old and I’m playing as a veteran. I’ve always had a lot of responsibility for this result…”

Common for 5th place It looks very meaningful as it is a ticket to the playoffs in the round of
6, which can be called spring basketball  . In particular, if you look at the recent rise, you showed a strong  appearance at home, right?메이저사이트

◀Reporter▶ Out of
10 victories won by KOGAS this season  , 7 wins were home wins.

While showing a better appearance in Daegu,  he recorded 6 home wins in a row, the most since its foundation.

Gas Corporation, which is playing 6 consecutive home games this month, is  determined to continue winning the remaining 3 games  in a situation where it has already caught  3 games . This is the story of Gas Corporation, director Yoo Do-hoon.

◀Director Yoo Do-hoon of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation▶ 
“As a professional, you have to have a good win rate at home, and the fans don’t like it. Thanks to that, I am trying to do my best.”

◀Anchor▶ Now, it would be nice if the home fans were more interested in 
the changed appearance of KOGAS  . Gas Corporation, which is showing an upward trend, what points  can you add to the fun of watching? ◀Reporter▶ First of all, it would be nice to pay attention to Lee Dae-seong,  the national guard who leads KOGAS  . He ranks second among domestic players with 16.6 points per game, and  is a top player enough to rank second in All-Star voting  . In addition, Jung Hyo-geun, who returned from injury, and  Lee Dae-heon, who escaped from a slump in the first round,  also draw attention. Foreign players include Murphy Holloway  , who is at the top of the league  , and Yushu Ndoye, the tallest mercenary in the league. If you look at each player’s play  , you will definitely be able to enjoy the game more.

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