Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“Spend 5.7 million won on a proposal and boasted on social media”… Korea’s bluff and ostentation featured on the front page of the foreign press

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) , an American daily newspaper메이저사이트, focused on Korea’s ‘proposal and ostentation’. It is pointed out that while the Korean marriage rate has fallen to an all-time low, the culture of vanity, such as gifting luxury bags at hotels, is adding to the burden on couples.

On the 15th (local time), WSJ introduced Korea’s marriage proposal culture through an article titled ‘Expensive Obstacles Before Marriage: A Proposal of $4,500 (approximately 5.7 million won)’. The WSJ pointed out that “Koreans prefer to propose in luxurious hotel suites with designer bags.” The article was published at the bottom of the front page of the WSJ .

The media then introduced the case of Mr. Oh, who works in Korea. Oh recently received a proposal at a luxury hotel in Korea. The wedding proposal package, which costs about 1.5 million won for hotel accommodation alone, includes accommodation, flower decorations and champagne.

Oh even posed for a photo with a bouquet of flowers in front of balloons with the words ‘Marry Me’ written on them. Next to Oh was a shopping bag from Tiffany, a luxury jewelry brand. Mr. Oh said, “Everyone prefers a hotel proposal.”

Another office worker, Mr. Hamo, also said that he spent 5.7 million won on a recent proposal. “Honestly, it’s a financial burden,” he said, “but my girlfriend’s friends were very envious.” Mr. Ha installed three cameras in the hotel, filmed the marriage proposal process, and posted it on social network service ( SNS ).

According to the WSJ , domestic hotels are offering marriage proposal-related package products. For example, Hotel Signiel is selling the ‘Eternal Promise ‘ , a room package for proposals. This is a package that allows you to present precious memories to your loved ones while gazing at the night view from the upper floors of luxury hotels. Although it costs 1.57 million won, it is said to be so popular that an average of 38 reservations are made per month.

WSJpointed out that “Korea’s marriage rate has fallen to an all-time low” and that “a luxurious hotel proposal that costs a lot of money does not help the marriage rate and is a wedding trend that puts a burden on couples.”

Controversy even in the blinds ‘proposal bluff’… “It’s okay” vs “It’s too much

This is not the first time that the marriage proposal has been controversial. Previously, in the office worker community ‘Blind’, office worker A filled a hotel room with flowers and luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Tiffany, and posted an article saying, “The proposal was a great success,” causing controversy. At the time, netizens were divided into opinions such as “It’s okay as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime proposal” and “Isn’t it too much?”

As the controversy grew, Mr. A posted an additional post, saying, “Of course, it is true that I posted it because I wanted to brag a little, but I just wanted to give the person who has been a great source of strength in difficult times for me the best day before marriage.” Did you give me even one 10 won bill to buy it? Please don’t look at me with a negative gaze.” Meanwhile, according to a proposal-related survey released by Duo, a marriage information company, in November of last year, both men and women cited ‘500,000 won or more and less than 1 million won’ (35.3% of males, 36.7% of females)

when asked about the ‘reasonable proposal cost’. Next, ‘ less than 500,000 won’ (male 29.3%, female 27.3%), ‘1 million won or more and less than 1.5 million won’ (male 13.3%, female 17.3%), ‘1.5 million won or more and less than 2 million won’ (male 11.3%, female 2.7%) ) appeared in order.

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