Thursday, 30th March 2023

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Son Ah-in, ‘Left-handed’, Seong Jun-seo, ‘Nippert’… Gyeonggi Aviation High School has a sophomore ace duo

Gyeonggi Aviation High School advanced to the semifinals of the first national competition since the founding of the baseball club in 2021 when Kim Seo-joon was there.

Above all, right-handed fastballs Kim Seo-jun (Samsung) and Yun Seong-hwan (Yonsei University) were holding out on the mound. But that was the last time. It was because there were not many third graders to support me.안전놀이터

However, Gyeonggi Aviation High School is dreaming once again in 2023. This is because a one-two punch that surpasses Kim Seo-joon and Yoon Seong-hwan has appeared. They are left-hander Son Ah-in and right-hander Seong Jun-seo (a sophomore at Gyeonggi Aviation High School). Although they are still sophomores, these two will immediately lead the Gyeonggi Aviation High School, starting with Shinsegae E-Mart. Here, it is also attracting attention as a candidate for the pro nomination for next season.

First of all, Son Ah-in is a left-handed pitcher with a good physique. Even though he was a freshman last year, he made a brief appearance as a starter for the Golden Lions. He was still an unfinished pitcher last year, but there are many evaluations that he is much better than last year. He is also taller than last year, reaching 185cm. Above all, the good thing about Son Ah-in is that his pitching form is soft.

It is a great advantage that the pitching form is soft. This is because the easiest thing to do in a pro is to grow your body. When pitchers who were skinny in high school, such as Oh Won-seok (SSG) and Choi Seung-yong (Doosan), go to the pros, their speed naturally rises. However, habits are not easily broken. Son Ah-in is a player with control, and his main weapon is the curve. He also has a good degree of completion of the changeup he has installed this year. There is still a lot of room for improvement if you put strength into your skinny body. Recently, he continues to be a starter in the winter league and is active as a key pitcher for Gyeonggi Air High School.

His highest speed has also been recorded up to 137 ~ 8 km / h. He’s still in his sophomore year, so he’s not fast, but he’s not that bad either. Above all, there is a shortage of left-handed pitchers who are currently outstanding. He is only Jung Hyeon-woo (2nd year at Deoksu High School).

Left-handed pitchers are precious. The number of good left-handed hitters continues to increase, but there are relatively few left-handed pitchers. Therefore, if the height is over 180cm and the speed is over 140km/h, it is unconditionally included in the nomination candidates. That’s why many left-handed pitchers were nominated last year, even with mid-130km/h speeds, such as Kim Si-on (Samsung) and Kim Geon-woong (SSG).

In that sense, Son Ah-in’s existence also draws attention.

An official from a professional club who looked at Son Ah-in in the Winter League said, “We still have too much time left, so we need to see more. But he has good pitching form. he is soft In the third year, the power will come naturally, so the ball will naturally become faster. Then it becomes a great weapon. The left-handed pitcher is always checked. If only the arm swing is faster than now, the speed will increase,” he said.

He is a player to be included in the list of candidates for the pro nomination, although the premise is that he needs to improve further in the future.

Another is Sung Jun-seo. He is a 188 cm right-handed three-quarter pitcher. He has the downside of not being able to save his height (RBI), but the weight of the ball coming out of his big size is good. He also recorded a speed of over 140 km / h in one winter. Director Lee Dong-soo of Gyeonggi Aviation High School said, “We have Nippert on our team. Maybe when the weather gets warmer, more speed will come out.”

It is regrettable that he pitched with too much force, but even at this level, he can count his pitches right now on his fingers. Sung Jun-seo was also included in the list of many scouting officials, and is also included in the pro nomination list.

Son Ah-in and Sung Jun-seo have different feelings.

There is a difference between being a lefty and a three quarterer, but there is also a difference in pitching based on softness and power. He is also in contrast in that he uses curves and sliders as his main weapons. However, in the actual game, this contrast is a big advantage. The opponent has no choice but to prepare more difficult.

Coach Lee Dong-soo of Gyeonggi Aviation High School said, “The main pitchers on our team cannot come out in the early stages of the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup due to transfer regulations. I will bring it up to the round of 16 with Ain and Junseo,” he said, expressing his determination to face the first tournament.

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