Monday, 29th May 2023

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Seongnam FC Recruited Rookies Yang Taeyang, Yu Seon, and Park Hyunbin

Seongnam FC, a professional soccer team, recruited Yang Taeyang, Yoo Seon, and Park Hyunbin, born in 2004, as new players for the 2023 season.

Yang Taeyang, who went through the U16 national team, is a midfielder with good basic skills and sharp passes and kicks. He is a left-footed player and has excellent kicking power, so he was assigned as the exclusive kicker for his team. He won the 2022 Spring High School Football Tournament Outstanding Player Award, took first place in the Chungnam region of the high league, and led the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to victory. He also received good reviews for space penetration by off-the-ball movement, and can be used as an offensive midfielder or winger position.

Yoo Seon is a defender with good air defense and excellent physical fighting based on his height of 188 cm. He is a multi-player who plays as a defensive midfielder with a lot of activity. He is considered a player with great potential, winning the high school tournament with Yang Taeyang and being called up for the 7th domestic training of the U19 national team at the end of this year.

Park Hyun-bin, who has a sleek body, is a striker with excellent speed and dribble breaking ability. Park Hyun-bin, from Janghun High School, won the 2021 Cheongryonggi National High School Football Championship runner-up and won the top spot in the Gyeongin High School League with 5 goals in 7 matches and received good reviews. 토토사이트

The club selected new players last summer through long-term monitoring of their team’s games and several tests, and the players participate in convocation training in December and field training in January to prepare for the 23rd season in earnest.

Seongnam FC player operation team leader said, “By selecting promising players last summer, we improved the future competitiveness of the club. All three players are potential players. I look forward to creating synergy with the team’s veteran players next season and invigorating the team with a rookie look.”