Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Seniors pay attention to juniors, and juniors pay attention to seniors… I don’t know!

In the second round of the Lotte Rent-a-Car Women’s Open (total prize money of 800 million won, championship prize of 144 million won토스카지노) held at the Lotte Skyhill Jeju Country Club (par 72, 6395 yards) in Seogwipo-si, Jeju on the 7th, Lee Ga-young, Lee So-mi and Hong Jung-min formed a team. set off

Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young, who reached the tee box, hit their tee shots vigorously. After that, Hong Jung-min’s tee shot flew 261 yards, but fell into the vague rough. When I checked Hong Jung-min’s caddy and ball position, I was in trouble. I pondered for a while whether to hit the provisional ball or just go.

The provisional ball is a shot that is provisionally hit from the same position in preparation for not being able to find the ball when the ball is headed for the OB or penalty area. If the original ball is not found, play continues with the provisional ball after receiving a penalty of one stroke.

In the meantime, Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young started posing for reporters. Of course, Hong Jung-min thought he would come to the side and strike a pose, but Hong Jung-min, who was in trouble, couldn’t come right next to him.

Feeling strange, Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young looked at Hong Jung-min, and Hong Jung-min looked at Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young. The situation was embarrassing for each other. Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young felt sorry after taking off-beat poses, but they lowered their heads and moved for the second shot.▲Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young, who were posing while looking at the reporters, are looking at Hong Jung-min as if something is strange.▲ Hong Jung-min and Lee So-mi look at the rough, and Lee Ga-young smiles at the reporters.

▲Lee So-mi and Lee Ga-young are posing despite Hong Jung-min’s hot eyes.

Meanwhile, Lee Ye-won won the first championship of her career. Lee Ye-won shot 73 in the fourth round, recording two birdies and three bogeys. He shot a final total of 6 under par 282, beating Jeon Ye-seong and Park Ji-young, who were tied for second place, by three strokes to win his first championship.

‘Rookie of the year 2022’ Lee Ye-won had no relationship with winning. He finished runner-up 3 times and finished in the top 5 11 times on the regular tour in the 2022 season.

However, he won his first domestic competition in the 2023 season and jumped into a full-fledged championship competition.

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