Saturday, 30th September 2023

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‘PSG release’ Messi, the last burn at Manchester United… “I was able to meet you two years ago”

Expectations have emerged that토스카지노 the world’s best soccer player Lionel Messi may move to Manchester United this summer. 

Messi’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia without permission has soured his relationship with Paris Saint-Germain. Messi, who left the team to serve as a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia after the loss against Lorient last time, has been absent from training without permission since the club conducted training instead of rest.

In the French local media, it was reported that the PSG leadership was angry about this fact, and that Messi was punished with a two-week suspension and deprivation of salary. 

Afterwards, Messi posted a video on his social media in which he appeared in a suit. In the video, Messi said, “As always, I thought there would be a day off after the game. So I planned a trip, but I couldn’t cancel it.” I’ve canceled a trip before. I apologize to my colleagues.” 

With Messi’s apology, PSG’s leadership also responded satisfactorily and the incident was settled, but the relationship between PSG and Messi seems to have completely changed due to this disciplinary incident.

There were reports that Messi had already announced a breakup with PSG, and more attention was paid to his next destination. 

In this situation, a new team has emerged as Messi’s next destination, not including Saudi Arabia and the United States, which were mentioned as strong candidates, including Barcelona, ​​his parent team. 

British media Daily Express reported on the 6th (Korean time) that “Man United can talk to Messi and make a contract offer.” 

The newspaper said, “Messi is set to leave PSG this summer and has attracted interest from Al-Hilal and Inter Miami. But he is eager to stay in Europe and could be preparing for a big move. It was known that he approached him for recruitment when he left.” 

“At the time, Manchester United actually pursued the possibility of a potential transfer. And claims that they even offered a contract came out through local media in the UK. Man United, which is preparing to sell the club this summer, can be a statement of some meaning to sign Messi.” He predicted that Man Utd, who was aiming for Messi in 2021, could aim for Messi again for a new turning point for the club. 

Neymar’s transfer, which was mentioned as possibly leaving PSG with Manchester United, has also recently emerged. If even one of the two players joins the team, it is expected that the offense reinforcement will be sufficient.

With Manchester United emerging as the beneficiary of the incident as the relationship between PSG and Messi deteriorated, if Manchester United, which succeeded in rebounding this season with the appointment of manager Eric Tern Hagh, becomes the main character of the summer transfer market with the recruitment of Messi, fans’ expectations for next season’s performance will rise. is also expected to grow.

If Messi wears Manchester United’s red jersey, a more dramatic draw with Cristiano Ronaldo, who was expelled from Manchester United in November last year, is expected to take place.

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