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Prosecutor Lim Eun-jung applauded… Last special screening of the film ‘Songam-dong’

The last special screening of Songam-dong (director Lee Jo-hoon), a film about the May 18 Uprising (5.18), was held at the Gwangju Theatre in Dong-gu, Gwangju, on the 3rd at 8pm.

The screening was attended by more than 200 audience members, production staff and actors, as well as representatives from the 5.18 Commemorative Foundation, 5.18 Historic Sites, Musan Mountain World Geopark, the Multicultural Peace Institute, and local political leaders. Lim Eun-jung, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Daegu District Prosecutors’ Office, also attended the screening and watched the film.

<Songam-dong is a dramatic film about the indiscriminate firing, misidentification, and massacre of civilians in the Songam-dong area outside Gwangju on 24 May 1980 during the Korean War. The film emphasises the need to clarify the truth, especially through new testimonies of the massacre by a special forces soldier who was deployed to Gwangju at the time.

The last special screening of the film was held at the Gwangju Theatre in Dong-gu, Gwangju at 8 p.m. on the 3rd. Cha Jong-soo (right), head of the documentation office of the 5.18 Memorial Foundation, and Choi Chi-hyun, who served as an administrator in the presidential office of the Moon Jae-in administration, greeted the audience before the screening.
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Prior to the screening, director Lee Jo-hoon said, “I made this film to create an opportunity to further investigate and track down the things that I had only fragmentarily known about what happened in Songam-dong, and the horrific massacre that has recently become known.” “I will do my best to make a film about the truths that should not be forgotten in the future,” he said.

Actor Lee Ki-young, who plays the role of Kim Mae-sik in the film, said, “I worked on the film with the hope that those who suffered would be comforted through the film.”

“The martial law forces that committed the massacre of civilians in Songam-dong have not apologised or shown any remorse,” said Cha Jong-soo, head of the documentation department at the May 18 Memorial Foundation. “I think the film will play a big role in bringing them to justice at the International Criminal Court.”

Choi Chi-hyun, who served as a presidential administrator under President Moon Jae-in, also said, “In 2030, it will be the 50th anniversary of May 18. There are still seven years to go,” he said, adding, “The reality is that even the political sphere is taking the lead in distorting May Day. I hope the film will bring more people closer to the truth of May Day메이저사이트.”

The special screenings of were held on 15 May (Seoul), 18 May (Gwangju), and 2 June (Seoul). The special screenings were attended by 5.18 survivors, Gwangju Metropolitan Mayor Kang Ki-jeong, Democratic Party lawmakers Min Hyung-bae, Yoon Young-duk, Cho Oh-seop, and Hong Young-pyo, co-chairman of the Basic Income Party Oh Jun-ho, standing chairman of the Progressive Party Yoon Hee-sook, Gwangju South-gu Office Mayor Kim Byung-nae, Gwangju Metropolitan City Council members including Kang Soo-hoon, chairman of the steering committee, and former Democratic Party co-chairman Park Ji-hyun.

conducted funding for the special screening of from 19 April to 27 May, the last day on 18 May. During the period, 635 people participated in the funding, collecting a total of 3.083 million won and achieving the target amount (30 million won).

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