Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Professor Lee Soo-jung “We need to restrict Jung Yoo-jung’s photo alteration… Turnaround kick’s identity will be revealed only after a year”

It has been pointed out that sanctions are needed in connection with the face photo of Jeong Yoo-jeong (23), a suspect in a Busan peer murder case, edited and spreading online. Sujeong Lee, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyonggi University, appeared on CBS메이저사이트

radio’s ‘Park Jae-hong’s Bout’ on the 9th and commented on the photo of Jeong Yoo-jung, which was released by the police, “There are a lot of jokes these days with photos, especially women’s photos, so I didn’t expect it to be processed. He mentioned the need for sanctions, saying, “Just as illegal filming should not be taken and dissemination is punished (even criminal photo transformation), various guidelines under the Special Act (Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Crimes) must be clarified.” He also said, “The identity disclosure system is a system to achieve public goals in the public realm, but when photos are released, there are people who exchange and exchange photos randomly. Then, I don’t know what the basic purpose of revealing photos is.” As long as it doesn’t make it a crime to retouch and edit mug shots, will people be able to exercise moderation online ? ” Previously, the police decided to disclose the identity of Jeong Yoo-jeong, who was accused of murdering a woman in her 20s and dismembering her body, and released an ID photo of Jeong Yoo-jeong on the 1st. Then, netizens edited Jeong Yoo-jung’s face with Photoshop and changed it to a smiling face or a picture of her not wearing glasses, and shared it online, and these pictures spread rapidly.

Professor Lee pointed out that the requirements for personal disclosure should also be clearly established. Regarding the fact that the identity of Jeong Yoo-jeong was disclosed, but the identity of the perpetrator of the Busan roundabout kick incident was not disclosed, he said, “(The perpetrator of the roundabout kick incident) is a person who seems to have a very high possibility of a terrible recidivism, but since it was not disclosed, a YouTuber disclosed it and sanctioned it privately. “It is a situation where there is a debate about the appropriateness of the personal disclosure system,” he said.

He also said, “(The roundabout case) the appeal trial (outcome) is coming out soon, and since it can be appealed again, the court will not be able to disclose the identity, and the Supreme Court cannot also order the disclosure.” We can decide whether or not to disclose it, and it may be revealed, but we will have to wait for almost a year or more.” Professor Lee said, “Some are disclosed and some are not disclosed, and do not do this. If certain (specific) requirements are met, all must be disclosed unconditionally.”

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