Sunday, 28th May 2023

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President “Demands 300,000 won for leaking fish cake soup” vs customer “I’ve never done that”

Contrary to the claim of a self-employed person who said, “The customer said that the fish cake soup leaked and demanded compensation of 300,000 won,” the customer who bought the fish cake refuted, “I have never asked for 300,000 won.”

On the 18th, on the online community ‘Bobaedream’, a post titled ‘I suffered something I only saw on the news, should I compensate?’ was posted.

Writer A, a self-employed person, said, “The customer packed 3,000 won worth of fish cakes and left, but he must have put what he bought on top of the fish cakes.”

Looking at the photo posted by Mr. A, the bottom of the cloth bag that appears to be the customer’s shopping cart is soaked. The car seat was soaked with fish cake soup from the shopping cart.

He said, “We even thought about washing the inner sheets, but (customers) said, ‘We have to take out the sheets,’ and ‘We got an estimate of at least 300,000 won.’ But the customer said, ‘What if I still don’t fall in? How can I trust you?’

Mr. A complained, “Honestly, a taxi costs 150,000 to 200,000 won for damage to a car, but at least 300,000 won… It’s not an expensive car, it’s an old domestic car.

Then, “I closed the store and my husband and CCTVI’ve seen all of them, and no matter how many times, the staff confirmed that the fish cake soup wasn’t leaking and gave it to me. While putting the customer in the shopping cart, he even confirmed that he was going,” he said. At the same time, Mr. A also revealed the CCTV footage of the packaging of the fish cake in a plastic container.

I don’t know where the amount of 300,000 won came from메이저놀이터,” he said, puzzled. In a phone call with Money Today, Mr. B said, “I found that the fish cake soup had flowed out and called.

He said he would refund the cost of fish cake, repack it, and pay for the car wash, so I went to the store.” From my seat, I called a car wash near my neighborhood to find out how much it would cost. The basic price was 150,000 won, so the boss said he would take care of the insurance, so I left the store.” He added, “

Suddenly, I got a call from the female boss (the male boss’s wife). He asked if he could go to a car wash he knew, so he called the owner of the car wash company, and he said that the sheet sponge needs to be dried, but that is difficult here, and it would be quicker to replace the seats, so I texted this to the female owner.”

He also said, “I said, ‘If there is an additional cost, I hope the boss will bear it,’ but he didn’t give me a definite answer and I lost contact because there was no battery, so I went to the store to meet even the male boss.” I had something to stop by, so I met the female owner at the store and talked about it. The female owner only told me to talk about insurance.”

He then confessed, “After that, she said that the female boss would report me for obstruction of business, so I was embarrassed.”

Regarding the reason for the leakage of fish cake soup, he said, “I put fish cake on one side of the shopping cart and did not put things on top of the fish cake container.” There was a hole in the side,” he claimed.

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