Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Practice game suspended… SK, still finished with a smile

Overcome unexpected situations with a smile.

Professional basketball team SK is in the midst of preparing for the new season. With the U.S. training camp in full swing, the second practice game was held on the 15th. The opponent is BPE, a powerful team that reached the finals of the (regional) Drew League last August. However, since the season is over and everyone is spending their time on their own, they are not made up of elite members.

As it is a practice match, the focus is on the process rather than the result. It is time to try out various combinations and check the current status of the players. Before the game, SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “I am thinking of sending (foreigner) Jamil Warney out in the first, third and fourth quarters,” and added, “I asked him and he said it was good. “As the East Asian Super League (EASL) starts in October, we decided that we need to prepare for it,” he said. In this case, Warney and Leon Williams could be seen playing together on the court.

A variable has been created. BPE is a team that actively competes. Sometimes, they get more excited than necessary and create extreme scenes. Same thing today. We pushed hard from the beginning. Even though it was a practice game, the opposing coach looked excited throughout. The team play itself was also rough. There were also some dizzying scenes. A situation where you could even get injured. To make matters worse, the referee’s decision was questioned, so he made a decision. SK ended the game about 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the third quarter (54-48).메이저사이트

Instead, SK played the remaining games in its own blue-and-white match. The first and second quarters lasted 8 minutes each. The home team consisted of Woo-seop Yang, Won-hyuk Choi, Williams, Chang-yong Song, and Hyeong-bin Kim, and the away team included Warney, Romez Riano, Il-young Heo, Boo-kyung Choi, and Jae-hyeon Oh. After a fierce battle, the home team narrowly won 37-32.

Meanwhile, on this day, SK organized a small event after the game. It was a long gun battle. There is $100 at stake. Oh Se-geun, Choi Boo-kyung, and Romez succeeded. I finished the day’s schedule in a good mood.

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