Monday, 29th May 2023

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“Powerful as Hinamno”…Typhoon ‘Mawar’ heads north toward South Korea, Japan

Typhoon Mawar, a secondary typhoon, is heading north toward South Korea and Japan.

Attention is focused on whether it will affect the Korean Peninsula like last year’s devastating Typhoon Hinnamno.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration스포츠토토, Typhoon Mawar, which originated in the sea about 890 kilometers southeast of Guam, is heading north toward South Korea and Japan.

The typhoon is expected to intensify to a ‘very strong’ typhoon on the 25th, when it will be located southeast of Okinawa, Japan, about 560 kilometers northwest of Guam.

A “very strong” typhoon is the second strongest on the typhoon intensity scale, after moderate, strong, very strong, and super strong.

It can blow away people and large boulders.

This is the same strength as Typhoon Hinamno when it made landfall on the Korean Peninsula last August.

However, the Korea Meteorological Administration explained that the typhoon’s path is still in flux, so they are still analyzing whether it will affect South Korea.

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