Saturday, 30th September 2023

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‘Post Jang Mi-ran’ Park Hye-jung sweeps three gold medals in the women’s heavyweight class at the World Weightlifting Championships… A feat that even Jang Mi couldn’t achieve

‘Second Jang Mi-ran’ Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall) won three gold medals for the first time as a Korean athlete in the women’s heavyweight division at the World Weightlifting Championships.

Park Hye-jung took first place in all three categories, lifting 124kg, clean and jerk 165kg, and total 289kg at the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships women’s over 87kg event held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 17th (Korean time).

In weightlifting at the Olympics and Asian Games, there are medals only for the total, but at the World Weightlifting Championships, there are medals for snatch, clean and jerk, and total.메이저사이트

It has been two years since Son Young-hee (30, Busan City Sports Council) in the 2021 competition that a Korean weightlifter won the women’s heavyweight division at the World Championships. However, China, considered the strongest weightlifter, did not participate in the 2021 competition. Son Young-hee won gold medals in the clean and jerk and the total, but only took silver in the snatch.

Ranking first in the three categories of the women’s heaviest weight class at the World Championships was something that not even Korea’s weightlifting superstar Jang Mi-ran, the second vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, could achieve. During his active career, Vice Minister Jang won gold medals in the clean and jerk and total in four competitions in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009, but lost all of the snatch gold medals to other athletes.

Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Li Wenwen (China), who holds world records in all three weightlifting categories (148kg in snatch, 187kg in clean and jerk, 335kg in total), withdrew after failing at 130kg in the first and second rounds of the snatch. .

Marie Theson-Raffen (USA) took second place in total on this day, recording 277 kg (117 kg in snatch and 160 kg in jerk and jerk). Park Hye-jung weighs 12 kg. Son Young-hee, who competed with Park Hye-jeong, came in second place in the snatch with 122 kg, but after failing to clear the first 157 kg in the clean and jerk, she gave up the second and third trials, failing to record her total.

Park Hye-jung and Son Young-hee plan to compete in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which opens on the 23rd, to once again challenge Li Wen-wen’s stronghold.

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