Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Persevere with consistency… Who are the players who challenged themselves to ‘play in all games’ in this year’s KBO League?

As the 2023 KBO League enters the full schedule of remaining games, each team’s schedule is ‘wildly different.’ While some teams play all six games a week as usual, some teams only play two or three games a week. As such, players need to be wary of injuries and pay attention to physical strength management.

After playing the regular season for over five months, the players’ fatigue is already building up. This is also the reason why most players take at least one game off during the season. Teams trying to survive in a long-term race lasting about six months cannot ignore this part.

Nevertheless, as of the 12th, there is a player who continues the record of playing in all regular season games. The main characters are LG Twins infielder Moon Bo-kyung and outfielder Park Hae-min, KIA Tigers infielder Park Chan-ho, Samsung Lions infielder Lee Jae-hyun, and Hanwha Eagles infielder Noh Si-hwan.

Park Hae-min has experience playing in all games from 2015 and 2017 to 2019 when he was with Samsung, and played all 144 games last year, which was his first season after moving to the team as a free agent. He has played his part this season without any major injuries and is on track to play in all games for the second consecutive year.

Moon Bo-kyung, who has played in more than 100 games over the past two seasons, is attempting to play in his first full game on debut. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop recently said, “Although we are making a lot of mistakes, we are growing well, and the overall team results are not bad. If we do this, Bo-kyung Moon can play third base without missing a single game.” He instilled confidence in Bo-kyung Moon. . Although he has not 100% met the head coach’s expectations, it seems possible for him to play in all games as long as he is not injured as he is highly anticipated.먹튀검증

Park Chan-ho, who debuted in the first team in 2014, has been playing full-time since 2019. However, he never had a season where he played in all 144 games. Moreover, in the case of this season, his slump was prolonged, with his batting average staying at .100 for the month of April, but he succeeded in rebounding by gradually increasing his pace after May. The possibility of him playing in his first full game of debut is also increasing.

‘Second-year pro’ Jaehyun Lee is also one of the players who has the possibility of participating in all games. His season performance was 121 games, 393 at-bats, 98 hits, a batting average of 0.249, 10 home runs, and 49 RBIs. Lee Jae-hyun did not rest a single game even after suffering a dislocated shoulder. That’s how strong the player’s will to participate in the game is.

Noh Si-hwan, the ‘home run hitter’ who represents the league and team, is also looking forward to playing in all games. In particular, last year’s 115 games was the most for an individual in a single season, and Noh Si-hwan has already surpassed this record and is taking steps toward completing 144 games.

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