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Park Gyeol’s 2nd win is a major championship? KLPGA Championship 2R sole leader

Park Gyeol (27), a star representing the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, leads the first major tournament in the 2023 season, Chris F&C’s 45th KLPGA Championship (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) for two days in a row ran

In the second round of the tournament held at the Lakewood Country Club (par 72) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th, Park Gyeol made 3 birdies and 1 bogey to hit a 2 under par 70.

Park Gyeol, who recorded a total of 7 under par 137 until the second round, finished the match with the highest ranking. Having tied for the lead with a 5-under par the previous day, he maintained the lead in the second round by beating the tied-second group by one stroke.

After the second round, Gyeol Park showed a satisfied response, saying, “Today’s shots weren’t too bad, especially with a few mid-range putts, so I was able to finish with an under par.”

Park Gyeol, who started the game on the first hole that day, succeeded in making a long birdie putt from a distance of 7m on the second hole (par 3), and continued par without any danger. Park Gyeol, whose second shot went over the green in the ninth hole (par 4) and made a bogey, made up for the previous mistake by catching a 3.5m birdie in the 11th hole (par 5).

In the 13th hole (par 4), Park Gyeol, who showed strength in mid- to long-distance putts with a 5.5m birdie putt, missed a downhill 2.2m birdie putt in the 16th hole (par 4) and regretted it. Instead, Park Gyeol made an ambiguous 2m par putt on the 17th hole (par 3) and finished the second round with a par on the 18th hole (par 4) as well.

Park Gyeol said, “The green is very hard and fast, so I am sensitive to where to drop the second shot or putt. Still, I think I did well by blocking all the par putts I had to block today.”

Having conducted winter training in California, USA, he said, “Last year, I had a lot of trouble with iron shots. Because his green hit rate was so low, he practiced a lot with irons in the winter. He focused on improving his hit rate on the greens,” he began.

Last year, there were many mistakes where the iron was pulled to the left, and the green hit rate was only 70th (68.24%). This season, his shot sense is getting better, and thanks to this, he is running at the top two days in a row in this tournament, following his 14th place in the Nexen/Saint Nine Masters last week.

Park Gyeol said, “I can now hit the pin well with my iron shot and send it in the direction I want. He added that he is making good grades in this competition as well thanks to the training effect.”

Thanks to his strength training and increased strength, his distance has also increased. When he hit his furthest this year, he reportedly took around 235m. Park Gyeol said, “Distance is always stressful, but seeing young players these days hitting so far, he vowed not to be stressed. Still, he is hitting his 14 tee shot with all his might,” he said with a laugh.

After winning his first career victory at the SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic in October 2018, Park Gyeol had a chance to win his second championship four years and six months later. Rain is predicted for the third round, which will be the watershed of the game.

“I will focus on putting the ball on the fairway,” he said.

Park Gyeol said, “I’m not thinking about winning because the game just ended the next day.” I will not be very greedy,” he promised to put his mind down.

Han Jin-seon (26), who received a Mercedes-Benz The New EQE car worth 92 million won after recording a hole-in-one the previous day, only reduced one stroke that day, tied for second place with Lee Da-yeon (26) and Choi Ye-rim (24) (6 under par, 138 strokes). ) was pushed out.

In particular, Lee Da-yeon underwent surgery after injuring ligaments in her left wrist and elbow since July of last year, and returned to the field in토스카지노 9 months in April this year. He withdrew from the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, which was his first match of the year, but since then, he has been rapidly improving his performance by placing 18th in the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship and 5th in the Nexen Saint Nine Masters.

Lee Da-yeon, who chases the leader Park Gyeol by one stroke, has won the 2019 Kia Motors Korea Women’s Open and the 2021 Hanwha Classic. In this tournament, he aims for his third major championship in his career.

Defending champion Kim A-lim (28) reduced 2 strokes and was named in a tie for 5th place (5 under par 139 strokes) by 2 strokes with Park Gyeol. He is still in the cusp of defending his title.

Rookie Bang Shin-sil (19), who tied for the lead in the first round, missed the hole with a 1m par putt on the 18th hole (par 4), and even missed the hole with a bogey putt, writing down a pop putt double bogey. Bang Shin-sil, who lost the pursuit power in this hole, made 4 birdies, but failed to reduce the number of strokes with 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey, and fell to a tie for 5th place.

Park Hyeon-kyung (23), who won the championship twice in this tournament alone, was tied for 9th place (4 under par, 140 strokes), and Kim Min-byeol (19), who is running first in the Rookie of the Year rankings, took only 4 birdies without bogey and made a joint tie. He raised the rankings to 11th place (3 under par 141 strokes).

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