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Overcoming long-term injury’ Kim Chae-rin of Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School “Basketball is half of my life”

This article was published in the February 2023 issue of Basket Korea webzine. The interview for this article was conducted on January 7, 2023 at 3:00 pm ( Link to Buy Basket Korea Webzine ).

By the time Kim Chae-rin finished training diligently as usual, she faced sudden pain. It wasn’t even an injury that came from a competitive situation or during intense training. It was an ankle injury that came to her while trying to avoid the goal post. It was a pretty big injury. It was a big bad news for Kim Chae-rin.
It was also a big bad news for Samcheonpo Women’s Middle School. It was because Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School had to play with 5 players including Kim Chae-rin. Kim Chae-rin had to watch the struggle of four of her colleagues.
Kim Chae-rin has been rehabilitated for a long time. It wasn’t an easy process for him. When the reporter asked Kim Chae-rin how she overcame her long injury, she said, “I endured while imagining running with her older sisters. I was grateful to my colleagues who did their best in a situation where I couldn’t play.”
Kim Chae-rin’s ankle was fortunately fully recovered ahead of the 2023 season. However, Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School will compete in the 2023 season with 5 players. Nevertheless, And Kim Chae-rin is looking forward to the 2023 season. “I will finish with a good season, not a disappointing season like the 2022 season.” Please introduce yourself first. Hello. I am Kim Chae-rin, a 3rd year at Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School. Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School’s

. I’m 173 cm tall, but due to the lack of tall players in the team, I’m looking at numbers 4 and 5.

Are you thinking of changing positions?
My original position was center. However, coach Park Sun-young said, “Starting this season, let’s play regardless of position.” So he’s trying to change his playing style.

How has he been lately?
Other middle schools gather in Samcheonpo at the end of January. We all play practice matches together. This is called ‘Stove League’. We are preparing hard for the upcoming Stove League.

Do you have any preparations ahead of the 2023 season?
I am refining my pass to make various plays. I’m also paying attention to the post-up and off-the-ball movement.

How did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball as a member of a club in kindergarten. After going to Samcheonpo Elementary School, I entered the basketball team from the third grade. However, the basketball club was disbanded in 4th grade. The principal made a problem with the basketball club’s use of the accommodation. However, in 6th grade, I received an offer from Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School and entered the basketball team again.

What made you play basketball again?
My parents told me, “If you like it, work hard. Instead, don’t stop halfway through.” To be honest, it was a bit difficult because of living in a dorm in elementary school and not being able to be with my parents. So I took a break without entering another basketball team. I wondered if I should continue playing basketball. But both of my parents like basketball, and I like basketball too. I went back in for no particular reason.

What is your play style?
I try a lot of post-ups. Post up in the low post, or create teammate chances with screens in the high post. It was helpful to practice as the coach told me. I am also very strong.

What are the pros and cons in your opinion?
I don’t know (laughs). I’ve never thought about it. But I tend to have leadership, so I think I lead my colleagues well. In 2022, it served as a bridge between older sisters and younger siblings.
However, you need to control your emotions well during the game. I have a quick-tempered personality. I make mistakes during the game. The coach pointed out that part well, so I’m much better now.

What season was the 2022 season like?
I hurt my ankle while playing the weekend league. The injury process is also absurd. I was doing strength training at the end of training, and he broke his ankle while dodging a goal post. With my injury, there were only four players left in the squad. If I hadn’t been hurt, would my school have done better? So it was a more disappointing season.

How did you overcome your injuries?
I did my best to rehabilitate myself in order to compete with my sisters. I endured while imagining running the game. Also, I was grateful to my teammates who worked hard in a situation where I couldn’t run.

I became the captain of Samcheonpo Women’s Middle School in the 2023 season. What claim would you like to be?
I want to be a responsible captain. If the team gets into a difficult situation during a game, I want to change the atmosphere by leading my friends.

After Kim Chae-rin was injured, Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School said they had a season with 4 players. Did the reinforcement of players go well in the 2023 season?
Two people transferred. However, I am not able to play the 2023 season due to discipline. I think we will be competing with 5 players by the middle of this season메이저사이트

Are there any players you consider a role model?
Shin Tae-hee, who went to Sangju Girls’ High School from Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School, is my role model. He was good at rebounding and was the voice leader of the team. He has a lot to imitate. I don’t watch professional matches often, but when I do, I watch a lot of players Danbi Kim (Asan Woori Bank) and Umji Han (Busan BNK Some).

What is basketball to Kim Chae-rin?
He learned a lot while playing basketball. I guess it’s ‘half my life’. As I met many people, my personality changed a lot. I was timid at first, but I became very active while playing basketball.
Also, before playing basketball, I wasn’t feeling well. But while playing basketball, my body has improved a lot. When I stopped playing basketball for a while, I gained weight rapidly and was under a lot of stress, but when I started playing basketball again, I lost weight and grew taller.

What are your future goals?
I want to finish the 2023 season with a good and fulfilling season, not a disappointing season like the 2022 season. To do so, I will work hard on my skills.
I also want to develop as a player. Also, I want to stand out during the game. Even people who see me for the first time see my play and feel that I am good at basketball.

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