Friday, 22nd September 2023

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Oh Hyun-gyu “Son Heung-min, the top 0.013% of the role tier… Carry in the game

‘World class’ soccer player Son Heung-min (Tottenham)’s hidden game skills are revealed and attract attention.

On the 4th, former national soccer team Lee Chun-soo called Oh Hyun-gyu (Suwon), a reserve player for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, on his YouTube channel ‘Li Chun-soo’ and talked about various things.

On this day, Lee Chun-soo asked, “Do you have any friends in the national team who play role (League of Legends)?”

In response, Hyungyu Oh nodded and said, “At first, each of us played in our own room. We didn’t use a computer, we did it on a mobile phone.” ” 안전놀이터 At that time, I thought, ‘Do you do it too?’ Then there were 10 of us. . Time goes by so fast,” he replied.

Hearing this, Lee Chun-soo asked, “Does Heung-min play games too?” Oh Hyun-kyu stuck out his tongue, saying, “Heung-min hyung (skills) are different.”

Then, he explained, “It seems that Heung-min hyung only plays soccer and rolls in England,” and “he does carry (leading to victory) to that extent.”

In particular, regarding Son Heung-min’s tier (class), Oh Hyun-gyu insisted, “Heung-min hyung is a challenger. He plays games with pro gamers.”