Thursday, 28th September 2023

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 “My husband is like a criminal” The story of a wife with an STD despite being a weekend couple

The story of a wife who decided to divorce after suspecting her husband of cheating while living as a weekend couple was introduced.

On the 15th, YTN radio ‘Attorney In-seop Cho’s Counseling Center’ told the story of a husband who works at a local office and his wife living as a weekend couple.

According to the story, these couples have been a weekend couple since the child entered elementary school. My husband, who was appointed as a provincial governor, came home only on weekends to spend time with his family, and five years have passed.

Then one day, her wife was diagnosed with an STD. As a result토토사이트, her wife worked as her sales team, and she became suspicious of her husband for frequent drinking and entertainment.

Her wife asked her husband to give up her local duty and return to her home, but her husband refused, giving various excuses.

She asked her wife, “It seems that she insists on staying in the province to continue her affair. She is going to file for divorce. Can her husband’s long service in the province be the reason for the divorce?” she asked. .

Attorney Lee Chae-won, who heard the story, said, “In the case of living as a weekend couple while living apart for a long time, our court is determining whether either party neglected the family or maliciously abandoned it, and after confirming the specific facts, whether it falls under the grounds for divorce.” said.

“It is difficult to be recognized as a legitimate reason for not coming home under the excuse of a long-term work of 5 years and entrusting all of the housework and childcare to one person. You can also take responsibility for the bankruptcy,” he said.

In addition, “If there are children at home and are adversely affected by the absence of one of the parents, a request for a cohabitation trial can be filed.” Forced execution by dragging is not allowed,” he said.

Attorney Lee said, “If mediation, etc. is established regarding specific measures for the fulfillment of the obligation to live together, a legal obligation arises between the couple to cooperate with each other for the realization of the measure. The court has decided that it can be claimed,” he added.

At the same time, “the court ruled that it is possible to claim damages only because it cannot be concluded that it is appropriate for various marital relationships today to presuppose divorce, which has the drastic effect of terminating the marital relationship, in order to obtain compensation for damages.”

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