Monday, 29th May 2023

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“More than 100 came out”… A swarm of humpback flies harassing new apartment residents

Mr. Lee, who moved into a new apartment in Incheon on the 20th of last month, was shocked to see the shoe closet last week.

It was a new apartment that was already equipped with furniture such as shoe cabinets, dressing tables, and refrigerators, but insects began to come out of the cracks around these built-in furniture.

Mr. Lee complained of pain, saying, “Since last Monday, I saw one or two insects, and after about 3 days, more than 100 appeared.”

■ A swarm of insects presumed to be ‘lumpy flies’… “Focus on built-in furniture”

Lee’s house is not alone. The apartment is a new apartment with 1,820 households and has been occupied since February of this year.

The identity of the bug is presumed to be a ‘lump fly’. It is known that lump flies usually appear from April to June when the weather is warm, and live as eggs or larvae in raw furniture materials, etc., and come out through gaps in furniture when they become adults.

Mr. Lee complained, “I disinfected twice, both by the construction company and by myself, but the bugs keep coming out.”

He continued, “Every time I disinfect the house with insects, I have to remove the furniture, and everyday life is difficult. ”

It is reported that some of the residents have spent millions of won to remove built-in furniture on their own, or some tenants have demanded that the charter contract be terminated.

The construction company is belatedly carrying out special quarantine work, but residents are complaining of inconvenience토토사이트, such as carrying out additional quarantine on their own.

■ “What to do with built-in furniture?…Contractor’s passive response”

As the controversy continued, the construction company met with the Tenant Planning Council on the 17th to inform them of the ‘plan to deal with lump flies and mold’.

The plans include ‘How to treat lump flies and mold’ and ‘How to treat lump flies and mold-infested furniture’.

However, residents said that the construction company is still passively responding.

Mr. Lee said, “The schedule is scheduled to be discussed additionally regarding the method of handling furniture, but it is not specific with whom to consult.” “he said.

He said, “The residents are living in a terrible environment while the contractor is trying to move on to the minimum response, leaving the pain of the residents behind.” urged.

The construction company said, “We will complete the disinfection work within this week for the applied household,” and “if there is an additional request, we will continue the quarantine work.”

However, when asked about ‘furniture replacement,’ he said, “I couldn’t confirm how individual responses were made,” and “I’m trying to reduce customer inconvenience.”

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