Sunday, 28th May 2023

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Mets Senga, FA in 3 years if you fill 400 innings… right of refusal to trade

Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets signed a five-year contract with Senga Godai (29), details of which can qualify as a free agent (FA) in three years have been revealed.

The Associated Press reported on the details of Senga’s contract on the 19th (Korean time).

Senga signed a contract with the Mets for 5 years (2023-2027) for 75 million dollars (approximately 97.9 billion won in Korean currency). It is a five-year contract with a $5 million down payment and $70 million split over five years.

The notable details of the contract include an option to declare free agency after the 2025 season ends if you fill more than 400 innings within three years.

If Senga, who has not declared an opt-out, undergoes elbow ligament splicing surgery during the contract period or is placed on the disabled list for 130 days in a row with an elbow injury, the club can sign an extension with Senga for $15 million in 2028. 토토사이트

If you win the Cy Young Award, your annual salary will increase by 2 million dollars the following year, and if you finish 2nd to 5th in the Cy Young Award voting, you can receive an additional 1 million dollars in annual salary the following year.

Trade veto power for all clubs until 2025, after which 10 clubs have veto power. There is also a condition that he cannot be demoted to the minor leagues without the consent of the players.

There are also bonuses. $100,000 for the best relief pitcher, $50,000 for the Cy Young Award, $25,000 for the second place in the Cy Young Award, $10,000 for the third place, and $100,000 for the World Series MVP award. All-Star, Gold Glove, and Championship MVP awards receive $50,000 each.

Senga, who debuted with the Softbank Hawks in 2012, recorded an ERA of 2.59 with an average of 87 wins and 44 losses in 11 seasons. He is a pitcher who throws a fastball with an average speed of 150 km and a forkball with a large drop.