Sunday, 28th May 2023

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 Messi’s coronation ceremony completed in ‘Last Dance’… In the ranks of the true ‘God’

Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain), who has been regarded as the best player in world football history, is finally putting Argentina on top of the FIFA World Cup and remaining as a true ‘legend’. I solved the biggest homework.

Messi’s Argentina defeated France after a penalty shootout in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final against France held at Lusail Stadium in Qatar on the 19th (Korean time) and rose to the top.

After a 2-2 match in the first and second half, the score was 3-3 even in overtime, and Argentina, who defeated France 4-2 in the ensuing penalty shoot-out, won the World Cup for the third time since the 1978 and 1986 tournaments held in Mexico in their country. occupied

It was the moment when Messi himself, as well as the Argentine national team and the people, achieved his first World Cup victory in his life.

Messi is the best star player who has dominated world football for the past 15 years.

Received the Ballon d’Or, the symbol of the world’s best soccer player, 7 times, and in his team, Spain Primera Liga 10 times, French Ligue 1 once, European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) 4 times, Copa America (2021) 1 time He has collected numerous trophies such as sashimi.

However, he was in a position where he could not open his shoulders when talking about his career as a national team member, especially winning a major tournament.

Argentina was considered a favorite to win in any competition because it was a ‘state with Messi’, but it could not overcome the burden every time.

Even in the Copa America, the continental championship in South America, Messi’s national team debuted and never reached the top, but finally won last year and the jinx was somewhat resolved, but ‘winning the World Cup’ was followed by Messi as an unsolved homework.

Messi has been participating in the World Cup since 2006, but his best result was reaching the final and finishing runner-up in the 2014 Brazil tournament.

In the 2006 German tournament and the 2010 South African tournament, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, and in the previous 2018 Russian tournament, he turned around in the round of 16.

In terms of skill, he was evaluated as a ‘previous player’ along with ‘Legend’ Diego Maradona and Brazilian hero Pele, but not winning the World Cup was Messi’s ‘flaw’ compared to them.

This Qatar tournament was considered virtually the last opportunity for Messi, who was in his mid-thirties, to lead his country to win the World Cup and dispel such criticism. Argentinian colleagues and fans also focused on ‘Messi’s victory’ in this tournament.

On the stage prepared for him, Messi made his ‘Last Dance’ shine with an activity worthy of his name.

Like Maradona, who led the championship with a one-man show 36 years ago, he stood tall as Argentina’s ‘savior’ and put an end to the ‘The Greatest Of All Time’ (GOAT) debate.

In Argentina’s shocking 1-2 come-from-behind loss in the first match of the group stage against Saudi Arabia, Messi scored the opening goal from a penalty kick.

In the second match against Mexico, which desperately needed a rebound from a shock defeat, Messi took the lead in a 2-0 victory with the opening goal. Helped to advance to the round of 16.

In the round of 16 match against Australia, he scored the opening goal in a 2-1 victory, in which Messi also scored his first World Cup single-game goal.

In the quarter-final against the Netherlands, he scored the team’s second goal with a penalty kick, and in the penalty shoot-out that continued 2-2 until overtime, he succeeded as the team’s first kicker and laid the foundation for victory.

In the semi-final against Croatia, he scored the opening goal and his fifth goal of the tournament with a penalty kick, and helped Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)’s key goal to shine as the main player in a 3-0 victory.

In the final match of the day, he scored the first goal with a penalty kick in the 23rd minute of the first half, and in the 2-2 overtime match, he scored a goal in the 3rd minute of the second half of extra time to send Argentina closer to the championship.

In the penalty shootout, which was rebalanced by Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)’s equalizer, France again succeeded as Argentina’s first kicker and sounded the prelude to victory.

His record for this tournament, which is revealed in numbers, was 7 goals and 3 assists, but Messi’s existence itself became the driving force behind Argentina’s victory on and off the pitch.

Messi also set numerous personal records that will go down in World Cup history with appearances and goals that day. 토토사이트

On this day, Messi played his 26th World Cup match and surpassed Lothar Matheus (Germany) to set a new record for the most appearances ever.

By scoring his goals, he left his name as the first player to score in the group stage, round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and final in a single World Cup.

During this tournament, he surpassed Gabriel Batistuta (10 goals) as the top scorer in the World Cup finals by an Argentine player, and increased this record to 13 goals, including the final.