Thursday, 21st September 2023

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Messi and another ‘Lionel’… ‘Contract renewal’ with Argentina until 2026

Coach Lionel Scaloni continues to accompany the Argentine national team. He will take the helm until the World Cup in North and Central America.

American broadcaster ‘TUDN’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “Coach Scaloni has agreed to renew his contract with Argentina. Other media outlets were also convinced of the renewal of the contract, saying, “Coach Scaloni is accompanying the Argentine national team. This is true.”

Coach Scaloni started as coach of the Argentina national team in 2017 and served as coach of the under-20 (U-20) national team. In November 2018, he took off the tag of acting manager of the Argentina national team and led the team as the national team manager.

The Argentine national team was gradually reorganized under Scaloni. The 2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) Qatar World Cup showed overwhelming performance in the South American regional qualifiers. He announced the beginning of a new era by holding the Copa America trophy, which he had not won even under numerous coaches.

The World Cup in Qatar was the pinnacle. Although they lost to Saudi Arabia in the first game of the group stage,
they showed mercenary skills and tactical response skills from the second game.

He showed great player skill. When Tagliafico was sluggish at fullback, the Acuna card made up for the shortfall. ‘Messi’s partner’, which has been an Argentine task since 2006, was also completely complemented by the new Julian Alvarez.

It was the same in the finals. To block Ousmane Dembele’s flank penetration, he countered with the Angel Di Maria arrangement. Di María didn’t get a chance due to poor performance in the early stages of the World Cup, but showed all his concentration in the final, leading the Argentine attack and scoring one goal.토토사이트

Of course, it was a small mistake to leave out Di Maria because we judged that the game was on the decline. However, until the penalty shootout, Paulo Dybala and others responded, and in the end, France was defeated without any losses.

The Argentine national team trusted coach Scaloni for great results in the World Cup. He decided to leave the team until the World Cup in North and Central America. The Argentine national team aims for its second consecutive victory in the Copa Americana, which will be held in the United States in 2024.

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