Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Many offenses? Cover with attack’ Hanyang University, first win against Kyunghee University

Hanyang University recorded its first win of the season.

On the 13th, Hanyang University won the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League at Kyunghee University Seonsunggwan in Yongin with a set score of 3-1 (21-25, 25-14, 25-23, 25-14) and won its first win this season. reported

Hanyang University recorded 37 errors (Kyunghee University 30), but overcame them with offensive power. Kim Hyung-geun (Junior, OH, 197cm) led the team’s offense with 17 points, and Kim Gwang-Hyun (Junior, OH, 185cm) also contributed with 11 points.

On the other hand, Kyung Hee University Park Ye-chan (junior, OP, 200cm) scored the most points in the game with 18 points, but other players performed poorly. The team’s offensive score was only 27 points (Hanyang University’s 48 points) and fell into a two-game losing streak. Kyung Hee University showed a disappointing performance, not only in attack scoring, but also in serving (5-7) and blocking (7-11).

Both teams fought hard from the first set. Kyunghee University Park Ye-chan and Hanyang University Kim Hyung-geun led the game.

In the middle of the set, Kyung Hee University seemed to be about to collapse with a series of offenses, but regained momentum with blocking메이저사이트. In a situation where they were trailing 19-20, Yuha (4th grade, OH, 198cm) succeeded in blocking twice in a row and made a turnaround. Kyung Hee University’s blocking continued. In 21-20, Park Ye-chan also succeeded in blocking two consecutive times and added to the blocking scoring streak. Kyung Hee University took the first set through 4 consecutive blocks in the second half of the set.

In the second set, Hanyang University took the lead first. In 2-2, Lee Jun-yeong (2nd grade, MB, 197cm)’s serve shook Kyunghee University’s receive, and Lim Dong-gyun (1st grade, MB, 200cm) and Kim Hyung-geun scored directly.

Hanyang University, which brought the flow with the serve, had fun with the serve even after that. Kim Hyung-geun added a sub score to 15-11 and 18-11, putting pressure on Kyung Hee University. On the other hand, Kyung Hee University could not easily turn the serve of Hanyang University and lost consecutive runs, and eventually the game returned to the starting point.

The third set was again a tight match. The serve match between the two teams was also a spectacle. In 3-3, Kong Min-sik (2nd year, MB, 189cm) of Kyung Hee University scored a serve, and Hanyang University also scored back with a serve score by Hyung-geun Kim in 4-5.

It was also the serve that broke the balance of the game. With Hanyang University leading 20-19, Jeong Seong-won (1st grade, OH, 184cm)’s serve shook Kyunghee University’s receive and came back to Hanyang University’s court, and Kim Gwang-hyun scored a goal to create a two-point difference. Hanyang University, which took a decisive lead in the second half of the set, kept a two-point lead and took the third set.

Hanyang University, which had an advantage, survived to the center in the 4th set. Lim Dong-gyun caught 2 blocks in 4 sets and tasted the thrill of his hand, and Lee Jun-young accumulated 4 points with Park Sang-woo (2nd grade, S, 193cm) and continued speedy attacks.

Jeong Seong-won, who was put in as a substitute, also added strength by scoring consecutively at 15-11. Kyung Hee University counterattacked with Lee Jung-min (2nd year, OH, 188cm) and Park Ye-chan, but Hanyang University was not defeated and Hanyang University eventually took the victory with 4 sets.

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