Sunday, 28th May 2023

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 Manchester City-ATM visit confirmed…tour scheduled for July

Coupang Play announced that Manchester City and Atletico Madrid will participate in this year’s Coupang Play Series.

Manchester City and Atletico Madrid will visit Korea in July as invited teams for the ‘Coupang Play Series’. The two teams are strong teams representing the Premier League and La Liga, respectively. Coupang Play is aspiring to continue the box office success of the ‘Coupang Play Series’ that garnered a lot of attention last year.

The ‘Coupang Play Series’ is a sporting event directly hosted, supervised, and relayed by Coupang Play. Last year, Tottenham, played by Son Heung-min, visited Korea to play against Team K-League and Sevilla FC, presenting interesting things to see. Through this, Coupang Play’s sports leadership revealed its full-fledged presence and raised soccer fans’ expectations for the next move.

Kim Seong-han, general manager of Coupang Play, said, “Last year’s visit to Korea by Tottenham Hotspur and Son Heung-min received great interest and love from soccer fans as well as Coupang Wow members.” Given this, I have high expectations,” he said.

Since Pep Guardiola took over in 2016, Manchester City has lifted the championship cup four times in the Premier League alone and is currently enjoying the best heyday.

The face of the players in the team is also splendid. A number of world-class players are playing, including Premier League representative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, world-class striker Erling Hollan, Jack Grealish and Ruben Dias. This is Manchester City’s second visit to Korea since 1976.

City Football Group Chief Commercial Officer Esteve Calzada said: “We are delighted to announce a pre-season fixture in Korea as part of our Asian tour this summer. Manchester City have maintained good relations with Korea and have a passionate fan base메이저놀이터. I am proud to be able to present the best players of this generation to Korean soccer fans through this meaningful visit for the first time in 50 years.”

With 11 La Liga titles, 10 Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) titles and 3 UEFA Europa League titles, Atletico Madrid is a strong team representing La Liga. In particular, since Argentinian coach Diego Simeone took the helm in 2011, it is evaluated that the club opened its heyday by winning a number of trophies with tactics based on stable defense and high activity.

Atletico Madrid has a number of national team players, including Antoine Griezmann and Memphis Depay, who are familiar to fans all over the world, as well as Rodrigo De Paul, Angel Correa and Nahuel Molina, the main players who won the World Cup in Argentina. Also, Sergio Reguilon and Matt Doherty, who played for Tottenham alongside Son Heung-min, are familiar names to domestic fans. It is the first time Atletico Madrid has visited Korea since its founding in 1903.

Atlético Madrid Commercial Director Andoni Moreno said, “The ‘Coupang Play Series’ held in Seoul this summer will bring Atlético Madrid to Korea for the first time. It is an honor that cannot be added to participate in the ‘Coupang Play Series’. “I think it’s a great opportunity in terms of preparing for the new season. I’m really looking forward to it.” I believe it will be of great help to our expansion strategy, and we will make sure to bring the best game to Korean fans.”

Coupang Play is in the process of approving the match with the Korea Football Association for the successful hosting of the tournament. The ticket reservation schedule and other related news for the Coupang Play series will be released later through the Coupang Play website ( and the Coupang Play application.

With soccer fans focusing their attention on the next release, Coupang Play released a surprise teaser on the Coupang Play Sports YouTube channel today containing a video of Manchester City players expressing their feelings ahead of their visit to Korea, followed by a video of Atletico Madrid players. foreshadowed After the video was released, the reaction of soccer fans is also hot. Enthusiastic fans’ anticipation can be sensed in the comments such as ‘As expected, Gappang!’, ‘Brwiner speaks Korean very well’, and ‘Please release the ATM quickly!’

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