Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“Man Utd is negotiating with Kim Min-jae”…Reporting on the end of European public confidence

It is certain that Manchester United are negotiating with Kim Min-jae.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, known as an expert in the European transfer market and active in the UK’s ‘Guardian’, discussed Kim Min-jae’s토스카지노 transfer to Manchester United on his personal YouTube channel on the 16th (hereinafter Korean time).

Prior to this, Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ said on the 15th, “I am confident that Min-jae Kim will accept the offer from Manchester United. They are working to bring Min-jae Kim from Serie A to the Premier League (EPL). Man United is currently leading the recruitment competition. is in,” he reported.

Kim Min-jae became the hero of Naples. Kim Min-jae, who entered Naples last summer with an amount of 18.05 million euros (approximately 26.3 billion won), quickly became the core of Naples. Kim Min-jae, who completely erased the void of Kalidou Koulibaly from the beginning of the season, played his best until the end of the season, contributing to the team’s first league championship in 33 years.

Now, Kim Min-jae has grown into a player the world is paying attention to. He was also nominated for the Serie A Team of the Year. ‘EA Sports FIFA’ unveiled 45 candidates for the Italian Serie A Team of the Year (TOTS) for the 2022-23 season on its official website on the 16th. Among the 13 defenders, Kim Min-jae’s name is of course, and the award is likely.

As Kim Min-jae shows world-class skills, the world’s best big clubs want Kim Min-jae. The reason is because of the cheap buyout compared to their skills. Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause that can be triggered by overseas clubs from July 1st to 15th. The amount is reported to be about 50 million euros (about 72.8 billion won).

It is known that Manchester United observed Kim Min-jae while dispatching scouts. I was thinking of strengthening the defense by organizing center backs such as Harry Maguire and recruiting Kim Min-jae. If Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Baran are added to Kim Min-jae, Manchester United will have the best center back in the English Premier League (EPL). According to the report of France’s ‘Foot Mercato’, it is known that he promised a weekly wage equal to that of a main striker.

Reporter Romano commented on the theory of an agreement between Man Utd and Kim Min-jae from Italy, saying, “Negotiations are not over yet. No agreement has been reached. ‘s buyout could be triggered from 1 July. Man United cannot move the negotiations further.”

However, he explained that the fact that Manchester United is working on signing Kim Min-jae is not a false report. He said, “As I have already said many times, Manchester United sent scouts to watch Kim Min-jae from November to December. Manchester United are clearly interested in Kim Min-jae and evaluate him as a very talented player. It is in progress,” he said.

Min-jae Kim’s buyout clause is not unique to Manchester United. Several clubs are watching Kim Min-jae. According to reporter Romano, Newcastle also sent scouts several times to see Kim Min-jae.

Finally, there is the variable of Naples. Napoli did not give up on renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae. Reporter Romano added: “Napoli will continue to push the offer of a new contract with a higher buyout clause.”

The choice was up to Kim Min-jae. A quick agreement could be reached with Manchester United, but offers from other clubs could also be heard. If you have a lot of affection for Napoli, re-contracting with Napoli is also a way.

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