Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Male teacher uploads inappropriate video at all-girls high school…school board advises ‘caution’

A male teacher at an all-girls high school showed his class a video of a man pouring kimchi seasoning into other men’s underwear.

The teacher had a history of sexual harassment against students in the past, and after an investigation, the education office recommended only a principal-level caution.

Reporter Kwon Jun-soo exclusively reported.

An all-girls high school in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

In late March, during class, Mr. A, a male math teacher in his 40s, played a YouTube video that he said would “wake you up.”

He poured spicy kimchi sauce into the underwear of two men.

“Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

Mr. A showed the same video in all three of his classes, and after a complaint was made to the district, he was removed from his position the following month메이저사이트.

A survey conducted by the district reportedly found that more than half of the students who watched the video were offended.

[Student at the school:] Some of the kids are shocked because it’s not the first time he’s been…(in class) talking about himself, talking about his workouts, and stuff like that, and then this happened. There was a lot of protest. ….]

This is not the first time Mr. A has been accused of inappropriate behavior.

Five years ago, he was accused of molesting a female student by offering to put his knee under her desk,

He was warned by the school principal for making comments to students in class, such as, “If you lose weight, you’ll be pretty.

There are also rumors that he was caught by students using obscene names on social media.

However, the school board found that there was no intent or physical contact involved in playing the YouTube video during class, and recommended that Mr. A receive a “principal’s caution” that would not be recorded on his personnel record.

“I think the problem arose because Mr. A was insensitive to the fact that this could be a sexually sensitive issue,” the school official said, adding that “students were demanding that he be separated from them, so he was not allowed to work.”

He explained that a disciplinary committee would be held in the second half of the year, and if the school follows the recommendation, Mr. A will most likely return to teaching soon.

[Do Mi-Hyang / Professor of Child Welfare, Nam Seoul National University: If he showed some sexual images and made the children feel uncomfortable, it’s definitely wrong. I think he might not be punished properly because of the public image damage or something like that, but it’s definitely abusive and shouldn’t happen].

The students are also concerned because they know that Mr. A will return to school next year at the latest.

In the meantime, the Seongbuk Police Station in Seoul recently sent Mr. A to prosecutors on suspicion of sexual abuse under the Child Welfare Act.

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