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“Maguire only started as a starter because of the transfer fee”… The kicked-out defender explodes with resentment

Harry Maguire was shot by Argentinian Marcos Rojo (Boca Juniors), who played for Manchester United.

Rojo has spent seven seasons at Manchester United since 2014. In the early days of his transfer, he played more than 20 games and lived up to expectations, but was gradually forgotten as injuries became more frequent and his condition deteriorated. In particular, he has been classified as out of power since coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over the helm메이저사이트.

Maguire joins in the background where Roho is completely pushed back. In the summer of 2019, Manchester United decided to sign Maguire to strengthen the back even while Roho was enduring. At the time, the transfer fee was 80 million pounds (approximately 133.8 billion won), and it is still recorded as the highest ransom for a defender.

Maguire quickly established himself as a regular at Manchester United. Solskjaer’s leadership was also recognized, and he immediately wore the captain’s armband in the first season of his transfer. While Maguire’s position grew, Roho became shabby to the point of disappearing from the first team list. In the end, Roho transferred to Boca Juniors, a prestigious club in his country, in 2021.

Roho still has a lot of antipathy towards Maguire. In an interview with Argentinian media ‘TYC Sports’ on the 28th (Korean time), he revealed that “Maguire was a player who made mistakes every week, but Manchester United started him because of the transfer fee they paid.”

Rojo once questioned Solskjaer if he was angry. He confessed, “One day, I asked coach Solskjaer, ‘Please start me instead of Maguire, who only makes mistakes, or send me to another team.’

In the end, he was pushed out of the selection. Roho still couldn’t swallow his anger, saying, “When I competed in the 2019 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League, coach Solskjaer put in Maguire instead of me and I was really angry.”

I feel at ease now. Maguire, who had many mistakes, is no longer a Manchester United starter. Even with a big payout, he’s likely to be on the release list this summer. Rojo laughed at the performance of the same Argentinian Martinez, saying, “I am very happy that Lisandro Martinez has now pushed Maguire out of the starting lineup.”

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