Thursday, 21st September 2023

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Lloris, who fought with Son Heung-min, “Develops to a different level every year → A player without limits”

Tottenham teammates who shared Son Heung-min’s debut goal congratulated Son Heung-min on reaching 100 Premier League goals.

Son Heung-min scored the first goal in the 10th minute of the first half in the 30th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against Brighton Hove & Albion held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 8th (local time). . Son Heung-min scored his 100th Premier League goal with a right-footed shot that went into the corner of the goal from the left edge of the penalty area, dubbed the ‘Son Heung-min Zone’.

On the 13th, Tottenham introduced the congratulations of Tottenham colleagues who shared the moment of Son Heung-min’s debut goal in the Premier League. Son Heung-min scored his Premier League debut goal with a powerful left-footed diagonal shot after dribbling through the left side of the penalty area against Crystal Palace in the 2025-16 season메이저사이트.

Tottenham goalkeeper Lloris said: “I don’t remember if the goal against Crystal Palace was Son Heung-min’s first goal for Tottenham, but I remember the goal against Crystal Palace. Son Heung-min is still the same player and the years passed quickly. Son Heung-min is still a positive energy. and has scored 100 goals in the Premier League. Step by step he built his reputation and record.”

Also, “People outside the team do not know Son Heung-min well. We are with Son Heung-min every day and know him well. Son Heung-min has not changed since joining Tottenham in 2015. Always motivated. He is a player. I don’t know the limits of Heung-Min Son. Heung-Min Son has risen to a different level every year and has reached the highest level. Heung-Min Son is the best player ever in Asia. More importantly, the human aspect is fun. Heung-Min Son. Min will want to continue his current performance for many more years,” he added.

Tottenham defender Ben Davies said, “I remember the score against Crystal Palace. What we knew at the time was that Son Heung-min’s shooting was clean and skillful. Son Heung-min can shoot with both feet with power and accuracy from a distance. Son Heung-min’s debut goal was a ball that was difficult to shoot, and the opposing goalkeeper must have been surprised.” “Son Heung-min has been full of energy since he first joined the team and showed the same level as he is now. There are many good wingers in other clubs. However, there is no player as dedicated to the team as Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min is a great player for our team.”

Defender Dyer also said, “My first impression of Son Heung-min was that he was a very friendly and technical player. Son Heung-min scored his 100th Premier League goal in the top corner with his trademark shooting. He is a player who can shoot. Son Heung-min is a player who is supported by the whole country, and I felt that when I visited Korea last year.”

Lamela, who worked as a striker for Son Heung-min at Tottenham, said, “It was a pleasure to be with Son Heung-min in his Tottenham debut season. I felt like a colleague I had known for a long time. A very good teammate.” I remember. It was a counterattack situation and Son Heung-min finished with a left-footed shot and ran towards the Tottenham fans. It was a good memory.” “Son Heung-Min has scored 100 goals in the Premier League and I am sure he will score more. Congratulations to Son Heung-Min. I love both Heung-Min Son and Tottenham. I am sure we will continue to see Heung-Min Son score many goals.” He sent a message of support to Son Heung-min.

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